Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Nightmares to Perform

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30 original nightmares that will delight your group! Use as monologues, short plays or as part of a Halloween show!

Here are thirty original nightmares to print, cut apart and give to students to perform. Most of the stories are somewhat scary but not blatantly gory or violent. Drama offers a great way for kids to explore their fears in a safe environment, especially if you hold thoughtful class discussions after seeing some of the nightmares acted out. The lesson includes several ways to use the nightmares, and a set of discussion questions.

How to use the nightmares as monologues:

Nightmare Monologues

Assign each student a nightmare or have them pick their own. Invite students to read aloud or memorize their piece and perform it for the class, paying special attention to making the audience believe that it really was their dream!

Example of a Nightmare to Perform:


One night I had the scariest dream. I was playing outside at my house when suddenly I noticed that there was a big old building in my backyard that I hadn’t noticed before. I was curious, so I went inside. All of a sudden it was night and the place was very dark and gloomy, but I couldn’t find my way out. I kept wandering through empty rooms. Everything was old and dusty and the place felt creepy. Somehow I ended up on the top floor of the building. I looked out the window back down at my house and it was so small. Right after that I found an elevator. It was a brand new shiny one, like the one in my dad’s office. I really wanted to go home, so I got into the elevator and pushed the button. The elevator started moving and it was fine at first, but then it started going faster and faster and I realized that I was trapped inside a falling elevator! I was so scared that I woke up.

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