Monster Play Script for Schools

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15 minutes long. Parts for 25+ actors. Original monster-themed play best suited for ages 5-11. (3 credits.)

‘The Monsters of Hodgepodge Forest’ is an original script written by the creator of Drama Notebook. There are parts for 25+ students. The play is best suited for grades 1-5. As with all original Drama Notebook scripts, the focus is on creating ‘ensemble’ and giving all students meaningful parts.

In this play, one little boy defies his mother’s instructions and becomes potential prey for a series of monsters! Suggestions for casting and staging the show, and a helpful study guide accompany the script.

Excerpt from the play:


Narrator One
Narrator Two
Wise Willa
Hoceknpockle Children

Hodgepodge Forest. Use your imagination.

Narrator One: Once upon a time there was a little boy named Sebastian who did not like to do as he was told.

Sebastian and his mother enter.

Mother: Sebastian, eat your pickled pretzels!

Sebastian: No!

Narrator Two: It was like that with everything.

Mother: Sebastian, put your pee wee jee wees on.

Sebastian: No!

Mother: Sebastian, bring this basket of yum yums to the Wise Willa at the edge of Hodgepodge Forest.

Narrator One: And of course, Sebastian said…

Sebastian: No!

Narrator Two: There was only one thing that worked with Sebastian.

Narrator One: The thing that mothers never like to do.

Narrator One: But sometimes they have to.

Narrators (together): She bribed him.

Mother: Sebastian, if you bring the basket to Wise Willa, I will give you a whole plate of hunky chunkies when you get back.

Sebastian: (with a wicked smile) Okay!

Mother: But there is one thing.

Sebastian: What?

Mother: You must not venture into Hodgepodge Forest.

Sebastian: I know. I know.

Mother: I’m serious Sebastian. It’s been full of strange monsters since the dimpy dumpy times when the moonglow travelers buried their flickerwacks there-

Sebastian: I know, I know…and turned all of the animals of the forests into strange beasts. I’m going now, mother.

Mother: (To the audience.) Why do I get the feeling that he’s not going to listen to me?

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