sensory pantomimes to act out

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28 pantomime suggestions designed to be printed out, cut apart and used with your group right away. Also included are discussion questions and four ways to play.

Actors often use a technique called sensory recall, in which they vividly remember sounds, smells, sights, etc. to become immersed in their scene or character. For example, if a scene calls for taking a bite of something sour, but the scene is pantomimed or done without sour-tasting food, the actor would imagine the sensation of biting into a lemon wedge. He would recall as much detail as possible, the color, the scent, the texture, and of course, the intense flavor.

Here are 28 pantomimes that involve the senses, plus four ways to use the pantomimes and a set of discussion questions.

Examples of sensory pantomimes:

Wading through an icy creek
Eating a candy cane

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