Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-A Golden Trip to Neverland

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12 characters (flexible cast). 10 pages, approximately 12 minutes running time. Original fractured fairy tale script found only on Drama Notebook!

In this fractured fairytale, Peter Pan and The Frog Prince are combined to create a story unlike any other! Wendy is a Princess, with three siblings, who finds a frog in her basement. With a little magic, that frog transforms into Peter Pan and everyone is off on an adventure to Neverland!

Filled with some of the classic Peter Pan characters you love alongside some new characters you’ve never met before, this script provides great opportunities for younger actors to explore creating characters, memorizing lines, or simply getting used to using a script.

Use this script along with a few other mixed-up fairy tale titles on Drama Notebook to produce a show that is easy for students to rehearse and perform, and fun for the audience to watch!

Excerpt from the play:

Princess Wendy
Nice Princess Sister – Coral
Mean Princess Sister – Angelina
Mean Prince – Tiberius
Captain Hook
Peter Pan
Jezebel, a fairy
Marigold, a fairy
Pirate 1
Pirate 2

Settings: The Darling Castle, The Underground Treehouse, A Forest, Captain Hook’s Ship


NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in a story unlike any other, two fairytales came together to create a tale never told before today…

WENDY: Where Wendy is a Princess, not just a little girl.

CORAL: With one kind sister…

ANGELINA: One mean sister…

TIBERIUS: And one mean brother as her family.

PETER PAN: Where Peter Pan starts off as…

FROG: A frog!

CAPTAIN HOOK: And Captain Hook sails his ship through Neverland causing trouble.

(Everyone looks at Hook.)

NARRATOR: Um. That’s not different from the other story…

HOOK: What? (Thinks about it.) Oh yeah, you’re right. (Laughs to himself.)

NARRATOR: But anyway…

FAIRIES: There are still fairies!

PIRATES: And pirates!

NARRATOR: And the magic that you love. But it’s different, so listen closely. To our tale called–

EVERYONE: –A Golden Trip to Neverland!

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