Royalty-free Play Script for Schools- Marigold and Geniestiltskin

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8 characters. 7 pages, approximately 9 minutes running time. Original fractured fairy tale script found only on Drama Notebook.

In this fractured fairytale, Rumpelstiltskin is a genie trapped in a lamp in desperate need of his freedom. Marigold, the young maiden, has been captured by an Evil King who is convinced she can turn hay into gold. When she comes across a lamp tucked away in the dungeon her crazy adventure begins.

This script combines the stories of Aladdin and Rumpelstiltskin to create a wacky, never-before-told fairytale. Every actor has an opportunity to play a colorful, meaningful part in this short play. One young actor even gets to play the role of the Magic Carpet!

Use this script along with a few other mixed-up fairy tale titles on Drama Notebook to produce a show that is easy for students to rehearse and perform, and fun for the audience to watch!

Here is a sample of the play…

Young Maiden – Marigold
Evil King
Magic Carpet

Setting: The Evil King’s Castle Throne Room, Dungeon, The Edge of the Ocean.


NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in a story unlike any other, two fairytales came together to create a tale never told before today.

MARIGOLD: Where the young maiden, named Marigold, who needs to spin hay into gold–

GENIESTILTKIN: –Meets a Rumplestiltskin, unlike the one you know from stories–

NARRATOR: (Excited.) He’s a genie!

GENIESTILTKIN: Aww man, come on!!! I wanted to surprise them!

NARRATOR: Sorry, Geniestiltskin.

(GENIESTILTKIN sulks off stage.)

NARRATOR: Anyway, let’s begin our tale. But listen closely, Geniestiltskin isn’t the only surprise in…

ALL: The Story of Marigold and Geniestiltskin!

Scene One

NARRATOR: We begin with our Young Maiden, Marigold, who has just been captured by an Evil King. He overheard Marigold’s sister bragging…

(SISTER enters and crosses the stage as she speaks.)

SISTER: My sister Marigold is SO cool…she can turn HAY into GOLD! (SISTER exits laughing.)

NARRATOR: And so, he wanted to see if what Marigold’s sister had said was true. Plus, he had a lot of hay which would mean a lot of gold. And who doesn’t want a lot of gold?

(EVIL KING enters with MARIGOLD.)

EVIL KING: Now this is the dungeon.

MARIGOLD: (Looking around the room.) Wow…there’s a lot of hay in here.

EVIL KING: Yes, there is my dear. And you are going to turn it all into gold.

MARIGOLD: Into gold? But that’s impossible!

EVIL KING: (Laughing.) Don’t make me laugh! I’ve heard about your amazing powers, you will turn this hay into gold by morning or I will come back and chop off your head. Is that understood?

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