Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-The Quest for Pixie Dust

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13-21 characters. 9 pages, approximately 10 minutes running time. Original fractured fairy tale script found only on Drama Notebook.

In this fractured fairytale, Captain Hook and Prince John discover that they are secretly brothers living in separate fairytale worlds. With this news, they collaborate on an evil scheme to capture the Queen Fairy and use her pixie dust to get everything they’ve ever wanted out of life. The heroes of the fairytale world learn of this evil collaboration and combine forces to save the Queen Fairy.

This script combines the stories of Peter Pan and Robin Hood to create an epic adventure. With tons of characters, this script provides great opportunities for small and large classes alike. Small roles can easily be doubled to provide young actors with an opportunity to create specific character choices for several characters or they can be divided up to provide many students the opportunity to join in on the fun.

Excerpt from the play:

Narrator 1
Narrator 2
Captain Hook
Prince John
Peter Pan
Robin Hood
Lost Boy 1
Lost Boy 2
Lost Boy 3
Lost Boy 4
Lost Boy 5
Lost Boy 6
Queen Fairy
Magic Mirror
Huntsman from Little Red
Snow White
Prince Charming 1
Prince Charming 2
Prince Charming 3
Fairy Godmother

Settings: Sherwood Forest, Castle, Cloud City, Capt. Hook’s Ship


NARRATOR 1: Once upon a time, in a story unlike any other…

(NARRATOR 2 comes running on with a script and a folded-up piece of paper labeled “FATHER’S WILL”).

NARRATOR 2: Wait! Stop! Not yet!

NARRATOR 1: Why? It’s showtime (points at audience) see?

NARRATOR 2: They don’t know yet…

NARRATOR 1: WHAT!?!? (pulls NARRATOR 2 aside) You were supposed to tell them before the show started – you had WEEKS to do this…

NARRATOR 2: I know, I’m sorry. I just…

NARRATOR 1: Forget it (Grabs the will) We’ll do it right now. Hook? Prince John? Could you come out here please?

(HOOK and PRINCE JOHN slowly come out.)

HOOK: What’s going on?

PRINCE JOHN: Why haven’t we started my play yet? (Sees Captain Hook.) What’s he doing here?

HOOK: I should ask you what you’re doing here! And who are you anyway?

PRINCE JOHN: I’m the prince who almost killed Robin Hood.

HOOK: Oh yeah, almost.


(HOOK and PRINCE JOHN get in each other’s faces, threatening one another)

NARRATOR 1: Cool it you, two. I have something you both need to see. (Holds out the paper labeled “FATHER’s WILL.”)

HOOK: Father’s Will? That must be for you. I talked to my father yesterday.

PRINCE JOHN: No sir! That must be for you. I talked to MY father yesterday.

NARRATOR 2: It’s for both of you.


NARRATOR 1: (Shoving the page in Prince John’s hand.) Just read it…together.

(HOOK and PRINCE JOHN huddle over the piece of paper.)

HOOK: (Reading.) No way!

PRINCE JOHN: (Reading.) That can’t be possible!

HOOK: We’re–(Looking at PRINCE JOHN.)

PRINCE JOHN: (Looking at HOOK.) –Brothers?




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