Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-Snow White and Aladdin

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13 characters. 11 pages, approximately 12 minutes running time. Original fractured fairy tale script by Haley Cotton, found only on Drama Notebook!

This hilarious script features a mash-up of fairy tale characters who must defeat a poison-apple peddling evil queen and her hapless sidekick. Tons of great characters for kids and teens to play, including NEW dwarves, ‘Pukey,’ and ‘Chatty’ and a sarcastic talking mirror.

With tons of disguises and mishaps, this story brings Snow White and Aladdin together to create a brand-new fairytale. This script has tons of fun and silly characters making a great option to help young actors create specific characters, memorize lines, or simply get used to handling a script.

Use this script along with a few other mixed-up fairy tale titles on Drama Notebook to produce a show that is easy for students to rehearse and perform, and fun for the audience to watch!

Excerpt from the play:

Snow White
Melissa, the Evil Queen
Amanda, the Evil Princess
Dwarf Genie – Bob

Settings: The Queen’s Castle, The Dwarf Cottage, and The Dungeon


NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in a story unlike any other, two fairytales came together to create a tale never told before today…

MELISSA: About an evil Queen named Melissa who asks–

AMANDA: –and an evil Princess named Amanda

MELISSA: What did I tell you about interrupting me?

AMANDA: Sorry…

MELISSA: (Clears her throat.) Ahem.

AMANDA: Sorry your most evil highness (Curtsies.)

NARRATOR: Can we get back to it?

MELISSA: Of course, as I was saying: About an evil Queen named Melissa who asks her mirror every day “Who is the fairest of them all”

MIRROR: Snow White.

SNOW WHITE: And Snow White still lives with a group of dwarves…

GRUMPY: Grumpy!

HAPPY: Happy!

SNEEZY: Sneezy! (Sneezes.)

BASHFUL: Bashful.(Hides behind GRUMPY.)

NARRATOR: And two other dwarves who were never mentioned in the original story.

CHATTY: Which just doesn’t make sense, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with her? We’re amazing dwarves, the most amazing, I mean.

NARRATOR: I know Chatty, I know… just remember…you can’t talk ALL the time. Ok?

CHATTY: I know I know, but I just don’t understand why.

NARRATOR: I know…just…one second. Pukey, are you alright?

PUKEY: (Holds up one finger at the audience and almost vomits.) Oh, you know. Just feeling a little queasy.

NARRATOR: Anyway, as I was saying. This tale is unlike any you’ve ever heard before. I won’t ruin the surprises, so let’s get started. But remember, listen closely. As we begin our tale…

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