Monkey Hats Royalty-free Play Script for Schools

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5 minutes long. Parts for 9+ actors (flexible cast). Best suited for ages 6-10.

The story of the Hat Seller and the Monkeys is told in many countries, but it probably originated in Mali. In this short script, a band of monkeys outsmarts a hat seller and his son.

The play is written with minimal stage direction, as the actor’s movements are obvious within the narration.

This script is also part of a finished lesson plan (Around the World in Stories) that may be found in the Drama Notebook store. If you are offering a camp or an ongoing drama class with a theme, consider saving yourself hours and hours of planning time by purchasing the lesson plan. In addition to the script, you get: an entire workshop outline; 17 more royalty-free scripts; production guides; study guides; tons of extra activities and more!

Excerpt from the play:


Narrator One
Narrator Two
Hat Maker
Hat Maker Son

Outside of a small village in Mali.

Narrator One: Once upon a time there was a hat maker who made all kinds of hats, big hats, small hats, tall hats, short hats, top hats and bottom hats.

Narrator Two: It was market day and the hat maker wanted to sell his hats there. He put his hats into a basket, one hat on his head and lifted the basket of hats onto his shoulder. He then set off to market through the forest. While he walked he sang a song.

Hat Maker: (singing) I am going to market, to market, to market. I am going to market to sell my hats.

Narrator One: It was a hot day and the hat maker needed a rest, so he put down his basket and lay down under a tree and fell asleep. When he woke up, all the hats in his basket had gone.

Hat Maker: Oh no. It took me months to make those hats. I have to find them.

Narrator Two: He searched high and low and couldn’t find them until, by chance, he happened to look and saw that in the trees there was a crowd of monkeys and every one of them was wearing one of his hats!

Narrator One: He shook his fist at the monkeys.

Hat Maker: Why you monkeys!

Narrator Two: The monkeys copied him and shook their fists back.

Narrator One: The Hat Maker wagged a finger at the monkeys.

Hat Maker: Naughty monkeys!

Narrator Two: The monkeys copied him and shook their fingers back.

Narrator One: The Hat Maker held out his hands together and begged the monkeys.

Hat Maker: Please give me my hats back!

Narrator Two: The monkeys copied the Hat Maker again.

Narrator One: In frustration, the Hat Maker threw his hat down on the ground.

Hat Maker: That’s it! I’ve had it with you monkeys!

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