Royalty-free Christmas Play Script for Schools-The Santa Interviews

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10 minutes running time. 10 characters, flexible casting. Hilarious short holiday play by playwright Wade Bradford.

Get ready to laugh out loud as Santa interviews famous holiday characters for the job of Lead Cookie Supervisor. With his assistant and two favorite elves, Santa makes his way through one failed interview after another. Prancer wants the job because she’s tired of pulling the sleigh. Frosty the Snowman melts before he is even interviewed. A creepy elf who is running from the law applies, and even Scrooge wants the position!

Students and parents will delight in the bouncy dialogue and hilarious characters. Use this short play as part of a holiday showcase!

Excerpt from the play:


Santa Claus
Prancer the Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman
Elf (from Lord of the Rings)
Tiny Tim

Setting: The North Pole. The play takes place somewhere in the offices of Santa’s Workshop. One desk can serve as the Cookie Making station, and another desk, perhaps on the other side of the stage, can represent Santa’s office.

Two elves, Gimble (Male) and Macy (Female) work at a cookie table in the Dessert Department

(Optional) Sound Cue: The play opens with seasonal music. As the two elves busily work, a narrator’s voice is heard…

NARRATOR: While the children of the world counted the days before Christmas, the elves of the North Pole counted the sprinkles on their cookies.

Note: If the director thinks that the above exposition is unnecessary, feel free to omit the narration.

GIMBLE: Three hundred ninety-seven, three hundred ninety-eight, three hundred ninety-nine. Aha! I thought it was missing a sprinkle!

MACY: (Handing one sprinkle with a pair of tweezers.) Good work, Gimble.

GIMBLE: Thanks, Macy.

MACY: (Working on her gingerbread cookie — frustrated.) Oh, Jingle Bells! What am I doing wrong with this Gingerbread Man? Gimble, can I get your expert cookie maker opinion?

GIMBLE: Whatever I can do to help out.

MACY: What’s wrong with this cookie?

GIMBLE: Let’s see. The raisin eyebrows are good. The frosting smile is perfect. Excellent arrangement of the gumdrop buttons. Oh, I see your problem. (Holds up cookie.) There’s an extra arm. (The arm might be sticking out of the gingerbread man’s head.)

MACY: Oh, dashing through the snow! I’ll never be as good as you. I tell you, Gimble, when you get that promotion, I don’t know what I’m going to do without you by my side.

GIMBLE: Gosh, Macy. I don’t think–

MACY: I bet you’re going to make the best cookie supervisor the North Pole has ever seen.

GIMBLE: Well, nothing is official. Santa still hasn’t decided who will fill the new position.

SANTA enters, very busy like. He carries a clipboard.

SANTA: Gimble!

GIMBLE: Yes sir!

SANTA: As you know, I still haven’t decided who will fill the new position. But I do know it’s not going to be you.


SANTA: But I would like your help with the interview process. We’ve got a lot of applicants and I could use your expertise.

GIMBLE: (Glumly.) Whatever I can do to help out.

SANTA: That’s the spirit! Ho-ho-ho-ho!

Santa Claus exits. Gimble is still severely disappointed.

MACY: Gingerbread arm?

GIMBLE: (Angry.) Oh, Jingle Bells!

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