Sleeping Beauty Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-

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13-30 characters. Approximately 6 minutes long. Best suited for ages 10 and up. Includes study guide, extension activities and production notes. (3 credits.)

A princess is cursed by a witch and falls asleep for a hundred years.

This five-page script stays true to the original Grimm’s Fairy Tale. The original story was called ‘Briar Rose.’

It is perfect to perform as part of a festival of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, or to introduce actors to the concept of using scripts and memorizing lines.

Excerpt from the play:


Narrator One
arrator Two
Magic Fish
Royal Court
Thirteenth Fairy/Old Spinning Lady
Twelfth Fairy
Briar Rose
Old Man

Narrator One: Once upon a time, in a country a great way off, where in those days, there were fairies, lived a king and a queen.

(King and Queen enter and move to center stage.)

King: Good wife, we have plenty of good things to eat and drink, and a coach to ride in every day, but I would give the all of our kingdom if we could only have a child.

Queen: I wish the same, dear husband.

(The king exits, and the magic fish enters and lies down onstage.)

Narrator Two: One day as the queen was walking by the side of a river, she saw a poor little fish that had thrown itself out of the water, and lay gasping, nearly dead on the bank.

Queen: Poor fish, I shall put you back in the river.

Narrator One: And she did. But before the fish swam away, it lifted its head out of the water.

Magic Fish: I know what your wish is, and it shall be fulfilled. In return for your kindness to me, within one year, you shall have a daughter.

(The fish swims away.)

Narrator Two: What the little fish had foretold, soon came to pass and the queen had a little girl.

(The king enters, holding a baby, and walks up to the queen.)

King: Oh, my daughter brings me so much joy. We shall have a feast, make merry, and show the child to all the land.

Queen: I will have the fairies come. They might be kind and good to our daughter.

(The entire court enters and pantomimes a great feast.)

Narrator One: And so there was a great feast.

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