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7 minutes long, parts for 7 actors. Ages 7-10. Adaptation of the classic story by Beatrix Potter.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a British children’s book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter that follows mischievous and disobedient young Peter Rabbit as he is chased about the garden of Mr. McGregor. He escapes and returns home to his mother, who puts him to bed after dosing him with chamomile tea.

This play adaptation of the story is perfect for spring or summer drama classes/performances. Use this script along with other spring-themed titles to create a showcase of pieces!

Here is a sample of the play…


Mrs. Rabbit
Mr. McGregor

SETTING: A bare stage and a sign that says, “Mr. McGregor’s Garden” will do. You can also add a simple moveable fence panel to Stage left and a sign that says Mr. McGregor’s Garden next to it. A small blueberry bush can be added Up Stage, but not mandatory.

(Fun, upbeat music is playing while MRS. RABBIT and three of her bunnies hop onto the stage in a straight line, like the Van Trap Children. The bunnies have floppy ears. When each bunny steps up, they say their name in a special way and then step backward and immediately look at the next bunny.)

MRS. RABBIT: Bunny ROLL CALL! (she blows a whistle)

FLOPSY: Flopsy. (Looks at MOPSY.)

MOPSY: Mopsy. (Looks at COTTONTAIL.)

COTTONTAIL: Cottontail. (Looks at where PETER should be, be he isn’t there.)

MRS. RABBIT: Hm…there should be one more…Peter. Where are you?! (She blows her whistle.) Peter!

PETER: (Slides or runs in from off stage.) Here I am, mother!

MRS. RABBIT: Late as usual. Now bunnies, I am going shopping in the village. You can go into the field. You can go down the lane. But you must not go to Mr. McGregor’s field. Is that clear?


MRS. RABBIT: Bunny promise? (She holds her ears so that they stay up.)


(PETER doesn’t say anything. Everyone looks at PETER. He has a fidget spinner and is doing a trick. MRS. RABBIT clears her throat. FLOPSY chucks MOPSY; MOPSY chucks COTTONTAIL, and COTTONTAIL chucks PETER.)

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