Drama Activity for Schools-Mirror

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3-page detailed tutorial of the drama game ‘mirror.’ Includes ten variations and discussion questions.

Mirror is a classic theatre exercise that provides a fundamental building block for new actors. Students learn to put their entire focus on their stage partner. They also begin to develop trust in their fellow actors, and learn about shared responsibility when performing. Every drama teacher should be adept at leading this activity. If you are new to teaching, this lesson will help you lead it like a pro. If you have been teaching for years, you will enjoy learning new variations that will keep the activity fresh and exciting.

Included in this three-page tutorial are detailed instructions for the exercise, ten different variations and a set of discussion questions to pose to your group.

Example of a variation:

Fun House Mirrors
This game is inspired by the crazy mirrors found in amusement parks or carnivals. Invite students to mirror their partner, but to distort his/her movements!

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