This drama warm-up is part of a collection of 40 classic drama games found on Drama Notebook.

Machines Drama GameThis is a classic theatre game. Tell everyone that they are going to be building a ‘machine,’ and announce what kind of machine it is, such as a ‘bubble gum making machine.’ One player enters the playing area and creates a simple sound and motion that starts to build the machine.

As soon as another player has an idea of how to add to the machine, he/she joins the first person, forming a connection and relation to the first sound/movement. Players must physically connect with some part of the machine, but they needn’t be in order. Coach kids that they can join anytime, as long as it’s one player at a time. If two people rush in, gently remind them that it is one at a time, and to sense when it’s their turn.

If you have a large group, you may wish to divide them into two groups.

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