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Drama Game The Line GameThis is a great drama icebreaker. Come up with a list of ways for students to line up. Call them out one after another, but tell students that they cannot speak to one another. This is a silent game! When the line is finished, go along the line checking their accuracy. Make comments if something stands out. For instance, if a student has 25 pets, bring her up in front of the class and ask about them. Stopping every once in a while to ask questions or point something out helps kids learn more about each other.

Ways to line up…

“Line up according to height. Tallest on this end, shortest on this end, go!”
“Line up according to your birthday. January on this end, December on this end, go!”
“Line up according to number of brothers and sisters. Most on this end, least on this end, go!”

Or try this!

Divide the students into two equal groups. Announce an order that you wish them to line up in, first group to finish their line correctly wins.

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