Mystery of the Stolen Treasure

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Pirate-themed murder mystery! 12 characters (can be added to or pared down).

The King sent Captain Max to Plunder Island with a treasure map, but when the crew returned with the treasure chest, it was empty! Who stole the treasure? It’s up to the King to interrogate suspicious characters including: the first mate; the cook; the sailing master; a stowaway; and more!

This interactive mystery includes: instructions on how to play; extension activities; a setup story; clues; list of characters and detailed character descriptions; character worksheets and a detective checklist! Below is the setup story and an example of a character description.

The Story…

The Rusty Barnacle has just returned to port with a chest full of treasure. The king commissioned the crew to sail the seas and bring back the booty. He promised to reward them greatly for their plundering and pillaging, but they were given strict orders not to open the chest! Alas! When the king boarded the ship and pried open the lock, the chest was empty! Where did the treasure go? The king has demanded nobody leave the ship until he gets to the bottom of this mystery and makes the thief return the treasure… and walk the plank!

Character Description Example

Doctor – Not a doctor like we know today, but a ship doctor is there to help with diseases and wounds or even amputations. For instance, he recently stitched up the Carpenter’s finger and tended to a jellyfish sting the First Mate got while swimming. This morning before they arrived at port, he realized he was missing some tools from his medical kit.

“Believe me! I have no interest in pirating. The only reason I’m out here on this godforsaken ship is to find the cure. I know it’s out there! Somewhere on one of those islands lies the cure to this horrible illness. I’ve heard other doctors talk of it. They’ve seen it. Seen what it can do. It’s like no other medicine or herb or potion. (quietly) I believe the king knows about it. I think that’s what’s in the treasure chest. A cure! Whoever shares this with the people will be a hero. If I can find this medicine, it will be a ‘treasure’ like no other.”

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