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12 characters. 5 minutes running time. Tinkerbell opens a dating service, and her first client is Captain Hook!

Tinkerbell has opened a fairy tale dating service, and her first client is none other than the notorious Captain Hook. Tink has just the woman for him…the evil Snow Queen. Meanwhile Peter Pan is hatching a plan to kidnap Wendy and exact revenge. He blackmails Hook into helping him. They trick Wendy into going with them to the evil Queen’s ice palace, but their plans fall apart when she immediately falls in love.

This wacky mixed-up fairy tale is packed with colorful characters, and simple enough for even young actors to perform.

About the Author…

Hayley Cotton is a full-time performing arts instructor for The Homeschool Connection, a homeschool enrichment program in the Greater Denver Area. She holds a BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside and will obtain her MA in Theatre Education from the University of Northern Colorado in the Winter of 2018. She has been an actor since elementary school and a writer for as long as she can remember. In her free time, she is an avid rock climber and hiker!

Excerpt from the play…


Captain Hook
Snow Queen
Peter Pan
Tootles, a lost boy
Rosetta, a fairy
Silvermist, a fairy
Lost Boy 1
Lost Boy 2
Lost Boy 3

Settings: Neverland, Capt. Hook’s Ship, Snow Queen’s Ice Castle

NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in a story I imagine many of you know, Peter Pan was saying goodbye as Wendy left Neverland….

PETER: Bye Wendy!

NARRATOR: But what I imagine you didn’t know was that Peter–


NARRATOR: Well…he was quite angry.

PETER: How can she leave us?

LOST BOY 1: It’s ok Peter, we’ll be fine.

LOST BOY 2: It was nice to have a mother for a while though.

LOST BOY 3: Yeah…she was really nice.

TOOTLES (lovingly): Really…really…nice.

NARRATOR: Peter and the Lost Boys would end up being angry for quite some time. Before we get to what they did with all their anger, it’s time that we fast-forward a bit and check in with Tinkerbell.

TINK enters alone with a clipboard and a pen, tapping her foot.

A few seconds later, ROSETTA comes running in, out of breath.

TINK: (writing on her clipboard) A bit slower than last time.


TINK: No buts! You were slower. That means five fairy push-ups.


Just then, SILVERMIST comes rushing in.

SILVERMIST: I DID IT! I finally delivered the message without dropping it in a puddle or a lake or a river.

TINK: Well done, Silvermist! Before you know it, you’ll be delivering real messages for my company (with a dramatic flourish) Fairy Dating!


CAPTAIN HOOK comes walking on stage.

HOOK: There you are, fairy!

SILVERMIST and ROSETTA run to hide on stage.

TINK: Hey! I have a name!

HOOK: (sighs with frustration) Tinkerbell?

TINK: Better, what can I do for you?

HOOK: Well… (suddenly shy) I…uh…I need your help.

TINK: MY help? With what? (she giggles)

HOOK: Well…I uh…I wanted to maybe…you know…meet…someone.

TINK: Meet someone?

HOOK: Like…through your…business.

TINK: OH! Oh my goodness, Captain Hook, are you looking for love?

FAIRIES: Oooooooooooooooh!


TINK: Oh hush now. It’s quite alright. I think I know just the woman for you.

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