Legend of the Blue Sapphire Play Script

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45-minute adventure/comedy. Parts for 25 young actors. Ages 8-12. Flexible casting! (5 credits)

In this chase through history, twins, Abigail and Jacob, discover an old, blue sapphire in a mysterious antique shop owned by the conniving Mr. Wescott. Legend has it that whoever finds all five sapphires and places them together will control time. When the twins are accidentally transported back in time, they must find the remaining sapphires, so they can return to the present. They tangle with pirates in the 1700’s, start the gold rush of the 1800’s, run across the Loch Ness Monster in the 1930’s and eventually drag their growing entourage into the Disco Era of the late ‘70’s… all the while staying a step ahead of their nemesis, Wescott. History class has never been so exciting!

Roughly 5 key characters plus another 15-20 supporting characters. Also includes an optional large puppet for the Loch Ness Monster.

Excerpt from the play:

CHARACTERS (In order of appearance)

MR. WESCOTT: The greedy owner of a local antique shop
FUNNYBONES: Wescott’s robot assistant
ABIGAIL: Jacob’s responsible twin sister
JACOB: Typical 5th grade boy who has little use for school history lessons
SATURN: Abigail and Jacob’s pet dog
MARY READ: Famous woman pirate of the 1700’s
ANNE BONNY: Another notorious woman pirate
PIRATE CREW: A bunch of mutinous scallywags
MR. SUTTER: Owner of the land where the first California Gold Rush happened.
SLIM: A cowboy
OLD MAN: A rambunctious prospector
SCOTTISH ROAD FOREMAN: Works in the area around Loch Ness
MR. SPICER: Middle aged Scottish gentleman
MRS. SPICER: Mr. Spicer’s wife
BERTRAM MILLS: Internationally renowned circus owner
DISCO JOHNNY: Knows the moves on the disco floor!
MOTHER: Abigail and Jacob’s mother – can appear live on stage or just as an offstage voice

(As the house lights dim, ominous thunder is heard in the distance. The stage lights come up to reveal the inside of a dusty, old antique shop. The shop is filled with odd furniture, gadgets, musical instruments, boxes, etc. Cobwebs drape the corners and dusty history books are stacked where ever there is space. Rain falls on the roof, lightning flashes again, and thunder rumbles. Store owner, MR. WESCOTT, a stern old man, and his pet robot, FUNNYBONES enter. Mr. Wescott checks through the box of new stock on his countertop. We hear a bell ring signaling that the store door has customers.)

Well, Funnybones, don’t just stand there. Go to the door and greet those little runts.

FUNNYBONES (speaking in monosyllabic tones)
Yes, your greatness of all great.

FUNNYBONES (offstage)
Hello runts! Would you like to hear a joke?

(Enter ABIGAIL, JACOB and SATURN. ABIGAIL carries an umbrella which she shakes off as she enters the store.)

Excuse me?

Abigail, what is that thing? (Hides behind her.) Maybe we’d better not get too close.

WESCOTT (interrupting)
Ahem. NO PETS!

Oh hello. Saturn is really well trained. Could she stay for just a few minutes?

We’re just looking for a little birthday present for our mother.

Look around you. Does this look like a place for dogs? These are very rare and valuable antiques. The dog belongs outside, outside please.

Come on Saturn. I’ll… I’ll just take her… outside.

(JACOB and SATURN exit.)

Sorry about that.
Um. My name’s Abigail, and that was my twin brother, Jacob.

Abigail. My name is Mr. Wescott, and that’s Funnybones.

Hello. Would you like to hear a joke?

Not now, Funnybones.

You certainly have a lot of old books in here.

WESCOTT (He randomly pulls books off the shelf, caressing them as he shows them off.)
Yes. These books are filled with history, history everywhere. This one: about pirate ships and flags. Or this one: about how California became a state. Here’s one about the history of Scotland.

And this one?

Oh, that’s about the seventies. Disco. I can’t believe I lived through that embarrassing era.


(JACOB enters.)

Abigail, we’d better hurry up. (He looks around.) Man, look at all this old junk. I don’t think Mom would want anything used, would she?

Young man, have you no appreciation for history?

History? Yeah right. I hate history. I just got a D on my history quiz at school today. History? No wonder this place feels so creepy.

ABIGAIL (She nudges JACOB with her elbow.)
I think it’s interesting.

Come on, Abby. Puhleese! Let’s go find a modern present.

(A loud crash of thunder is heard which startles JACOB. He backs into a box which spills onto the floor. ABIGAIL picks up the box and sees the Blue Sapphire inside)

Wow! Look at this!

That, Miss Abigail, is a unique, genuine Blue Sapphire. (He takes it and holds it up to the light, then searches for a book, stacking the rejects in Jacob’s arms until JACOB is straining under the weight.) Ah, here it is. (<Reading) “According to legend, there are five Blue Sapphires, scattered through history. Whoever is lucky enough to find all five sapphires and place them together will control time.” (He slams the book shut with a poof of dust.) Of course, that’s just a legend! Rubbish probably. (WESCOTT throws the sapphire back into the box Abigail is still holding and walks away.) And now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to check on some stock that just arrived. Let me know if you find something you’d like to purchase.

I believe in legends.

I do too. Imagine if you could control time.

Yeah. I could move up in time and skip all my history tests. Cool!

(ABIGAIL looks at something in the shop and puts the sapphire down on a table. As she does so, weird music is heard, and the lights begin to flash. The box begins to shake, and we hear SATURN barking.)

What’s happening? Go get Saturn! Whoa! Etc.

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