Short Skit-LGBT Sketch

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4 characters. Flexible casting. 2 pages in length. Approximately 1-5 minutes running time. Four monologues about LGBT acceptance written by Corrina Bryant.

LGBT Sketch is a short play with four characters representing the colors of the rainbow. Each delivers a monologue about their experiences with intolerance of the LGBT community and how to create change one person at a time. Perfect for a high-school assembly or as part of an evening of monologues and scenes! 

Corrina Bryant is a freelance writer living in London.  She has written for radio, magazines, local and national press and media websites.  Corrina has written plays for the Director’s Cut Theatre Company showcase at the Southwark Playhorama use in London, as well as written for professional actors performing at fringe theatres in the city.  She is currently writing a novel for teenagers/young adults and is delighted to be writing for Drama Notebook.  She wishes all the students and teachers every success in their work and would love to hear from them.

Excerpt from the play:



NOTE: (all dress in colours)

Holding hands and dancing around in a circle, all sing:

Red and Yellow
and Pink and Green,
Orange and Purple and Blue,
I can see a rainbow,
see a rainbow,
see a rainbow, too.

All fall to the floor.

So, I’m cool, yeah? I don’t care what sexuality a person is, but my Granny! Now she’s a one. (laughs) Honestly, it’s a generation thing, but she’s not ‘a fan’, you know, of (looks behind him) anyone that’s, you know – ‘different’! That’s what she calls it. ‘Different.’ She was telling me the other day about this actress, actor – whatever, who was on that Graham Norton show and I said, just to be, you know, ‘con-trov-ersial’, “But Nan, Graham Norton is ‘different’!” and she paused and then she looked at me and said, “I don’t think he is, dear”. And I said, “he definitely is, Nan”. And guess what she said. “Oh no, that’s so disappointing.”

Me and my mates were in Nandos and this bloke walks in and well, to be honest, you couldn’t help but look at him. He was kind of pretty looking, but definitely a bloke – although he didn’t really act like a bloke, but he looked like one – sort of.


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