The Bravest Badger

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12+ characters, 5 minutes running time. It’s no wonder the animals on Apple Tree Farm are suspicious of this new creature. None of them have ever met a badger before. Rhyming and narration make this a perfect choice for early elementary. Royalty-free for educational use.

None of the animals at Apple Tree Farm have ever met a badger before. It’s no wonder they are all suspicious of this new creature. Each animal boasts of their own special job on the farm and doubts that Badger could have anything to offer. Begrudgingly, they allow him to spend the night, and it’s a good thing they do. As everyone sleeps, a pair of hungry foxes sneak in to capture the chickens. But Badger is nocturnal and risks his life to save them, becoming a welcome member of Apple Tree Farm. Rhyming and animal characters make this a joyful story for young children to act out. It’s also a wonderful way to discuss kindness and tolerance as well as nocturnal animals.

Playwright Bio: Ann Parker is an English poet and author who has published the children's short stories book, Magic & Memories. She has just signed a two-book deal for a cozy mystery series. Her work has been published in many magazines and anthologies.

Excerpt from the play:


*Flexible casting. For a larger cast add more animals. For a smaller cast, simply have one of each.



The play is set on a farm. The sign reads Apple Tree Farm.

A sheepdog sits by the gate with his puppy. The other animals are in the background and walk forward to speak.

A badger walks up a path towards the gate, so Sheepdog stands on guard.

NARRATOR: A badger strolls into Apple Tree Farm. Sheepdog jumps up to sound the alarm.

PUPPY: What is that Daddy? Should I be afraid?

SHEEPDOG: Don’t worry, son, he’ll soon be on his way. You can’t come in here, it’s farm animals only.

BADGER: Well, would you believe I’m a very small pony?

SHEEPDOG: No. You don’t belong here, so don’t make a fuss. I’ve no idea what you are, but you’re not one of us.

BADGER: I’m Badger and I’ve come such a long way. I’d be ever so grateful if you let me stay.

Horse looks him up and down.

HORSE: We’ll have to discuss it, won’t we, Sheepdog? But what good would you be, we all have jobs?

COW: Just mooove out the way, you’ve no use like a cow. Can you supply milk? I don’t think so somehow.

The chickens flutter around.

CHICKEN 1: We lay the eggs. What have you got to give?

CHICKEN 2: Looking at you, just some fleas or a tic.

BADGER: Actually, I can dig very big holes.

COW: So you’re telling us, you’re just a big mole.

HORSE: I’m strong, I carry men on my back. Your legs are short so you couldn’t do that.

The turkeys walk over and stretch out their wings. They talk very arrogantly.

TURKEY 1: I’m a VIP guest amongst other things. You haven’t even got any wings.

TURKEY 2: I’ve invites for Christmas and maybe Thanksgiving. There’s nothing your kind can do for a living.

GOAT 1: We make cheese and mohair from our coats. Your fur is coarse, not as nice as a goat’s.

GOAT 2: My horns are superb and I’m a pedigree breed. Your claws are too long and have nothing we need.

The pigs talk in a very posh voice.

PIG 1: Of course, I am known for my very fine ham. Don’t know what it is, but I do what I can.

PIG 2: And for Christmas, I hear, we’re all getting blankets. Even talk of us going to a very fine banquet.

SHEEP: Our wool is the softest of all of the sheep. If you could do something you might earn your keep.

BADGER: I can’t lay an egg, not that I’ve tried. And I’ve only my friendship, I’m not going to lie. But I’ve traveled so far, could I stay for a sleep?

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