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7 characters; Flexible cast; 9 pages in length. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. A comedy based on the classic fairy tale written by Andy Pavey.

The Midas Touch is short comedy based on the beloved fairy tale. In this version, the greedy king Midas is demanding everything in his kingdom be bedazzled and sparkling! The peasants are frustrated by his ridiculous and greedy requests but when a cloaked stranger offers him one special wish, he outdoes himself. Being granted the gift of turning everything he touches into gold, the entire kingdom and his daughter turn against him. This hilarious play is perfect for children of all ages and presents a golden opportunity to teach a valuable lesson!

Andy Pavey is a commissioned playwright, who writes short plays for Drama Notebook. He is a student who attends UWC-USA. He previously spent nine years with Davenport Junior Theatre, the second-oldest children’s theatre in the United States, where he acted in productions, managed the props building, and wrote plays for young actors to perform. In addition to writing, Andy is an avid backpacker!

Excerpt from the play:


King Midas
Court Jester
The Stranger

At rise: KING MIDAS sits on a (preferably golden) throne center-stage. To his left are the GARDENER, the FISHERMAN, and the SEAMSTRESS. To the right is the COURT JESTER. KING MIDAS should be dressed in as much gold as possible and the COURT JESTER in a garish, colorful uniform, but the rest of the characters are plainly dressed. A golden apple sits behind the throne (for use later in the plot).

Well, well, well. Greetings one, greetings all. What brings you lowly peasants here today?

Don’t “lowly peasants” us, Midas. This is serious.

Your greed is getting out of hand.

I’m not following. What is the matter?

SEAMSTRESS (angrily)
You requested that I make your daughter a dress out of solid gold. Now, you tell me that’s not insane. To my face.

Okay, it is a little insane. I’ll give you that.

You asked me to begin catching only fish encrusted with precious jewels…

GARDENER (confused)
And you wanted me to plant some “platinum roses.” What is a platinum rose, Your Majesty?! What is a platinum rose?!

All right, everyone, please be civil. No need to “duke” it out.

“Ba dum tiss” sound effect plays.

GARDENER (gesturing to the COURT JESTER)
Who’s this guy? Why is he making bad medieval puns?

Oh, yes… That’s my Court Jester. Definitely second-rate. Been meaning to upgrade for a while now, but I’m locked in for two more years. (sigh, then, to the audience) AT&T.

COURT JESTER (nervously)
Well, Your Highness, an unemployed Jester is nobody’s “fool.”

“Ba dum tiss” sound effect plays. KING MIDAS shoots the COURT JESTER a wary glance.

KING MIDAS (threateningly)
Nonetheless, I hope you all think twice before rebelling against my rule. Lord knows the taxes can always go higher…

Rebellions can sometimes be a “peasant” surprise, you know!

“Ba dum tiss” sound effect plays.

Jester, please, just… just stop talking.

You haven’t heard the end of this, Midas. We’ll be back.

Your greed will end, one way or another.

The SEAMSTRESS, the FISHERMAN, and the GARDENER storm offstage, leaving the COURT JESTER and KING MIDAS alone.

I just don’t get it. Why do they dislike me so much?

You’re too greedy.

KING MIDAS (deep in thought)
No, no, that can’t be it.

That’s literally what they just said.

I can’t think of anything. I’m kind of flawless. Court Jester, tell me a joke.

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