The Spy Next Door

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Short play about a group of students who think their teacher is a spy! 5 characters, flexible casting. Approximately ten minutes running time.

Three students overhear a strange conversation, and they suspect their teacher of being a spy. They follow her and attempt to thwart her efforts, with a surprise result!

This fun play also includes discussion questions, and casting, costume and set design suggestions.

Excerpt from the play:


BLAKE — (M/F) the brains of the group – always wants the facts
ELLIOT — (M/F) quick to jump to conclusions – very excitable
FINN — (M/F) worries to the point of panic.
Mr./MRS. MACKENZIE — (M/F) mysterious teacher whose actions cause concerns.
PRINCIPAL AVERY — (M/F) levelheaded – all business

(The action takes place in modern day outside of a house and outside of a school.)

(Lights come up on three students heading to a neighborhood street ball game. They are carrying gloves, a ball, and a bat. The students are bantering back and forth on their way to the game.)


(clearly worried) I’m not ready for this game today. My stomach is starting to hurt.

(slightly irritated) Your stomach always hurts when you are nervous. Remember that math test last week? You were green the entire time. We will be fine. It’s the weekend. Our time to chill and have fun.

(excited) Yeah, Finn. No school today; no Mrs. Mackenzie and her assignments today; This is our day! The tigers beat us last time, but I can feel it, something big is going to happen for us today!

(acting sick) I don’t have the same feeling. Something feels weird.
(Suddenly, the students pass an open house window. A strong woman’s voice can be heard inside.)

The orders have been followed. The mission is complete. They will not know until the moment is upon them.
(The boys stop frozen in their tracks. All three drop below the windowsill as to not be seen.)

(scared) Orders? Mission? That sounds like a spy or something.

(remaining calm) I’m sure we didn’t really hear…what we thought we heard.
(Voice is heard again, this time even clearer as Mr./Mrs. Mackenzie sits down at the chair by the window – clearly can be seen by audience.)

Yes, ma’am. I have the satchel. No one will see the contents before it reaches headquarters.
(The boys look at each other with big eyes.)

Yep. It was exactly what we heard. Who is it?

I’m not looking. Now my stomach is hurting for a different reason than baseball.

I’m looking. You two stay down here.
(Blake slowly rises up and peeks into the window – avoiding being seen. Blake pops back down in shock.)
You won’t believe it.

(curious and excited) Was it a creepy man with big eyes?

(monotone) No.

(frightened) Was it a faceless man in a trench coat? I saw one of those on tv last week.

(monotone) Worse.

Worse? How can it be worse than anything we came up with?

It’s Mr./Mrs. Mackenzie.

NO. NO. NO. It can’t be.

But he’s/she’s our math teacher? How can a math teacher be a spy?

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