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Five different social media characters argue over who does the least harm. 7 characters, flexible casting. Approximately 10 minutes running time.

Students will have a blast becoming social media apps in this funny play about the perils of social media. This is a great play to open discussions about how social media affects us every day!

Includes: discussion questions; casting suggestions; costume ideas; and set diagram.

Excerpt from the play:


SNAPCHAT — (M/F) suffers from memory loss
INSTAGRAM — (M/F) loves photos
TWITTER — (M/F) speaks in less than 140 characters
FACEBOOK — (M/F) old man with old-timey views
TEXT — (M/F) no emotion – just straight forward
BARISTA — (M/F) realistic, wise
DEXTER/DOROTHEA — (M/F) clumsy customer with no manners

(The action takes place in coffee shop.)

(Lights come up in the social media coffee shop. All of the different social medias are sitting at a table talking what’s going on. Each app has the logo on his/her shirt. A barista is working behind the coffee counter.)

The drama this week is crazy!

I know! I saw some dumb pics… or at least I think I did. I always forget. Images leave me the minute they enter my mind.

All of YOUR pictures are always dumb, Snapchat! Pictures are supposed to stay and be enjoyed by users. (thinks for a minute) But some photos maybe shouldn’t stay around, now that I think about it. Users just aren’t that smart these days.

I know. I wish our users would just be more mature. As the eldest of the apps, I’ve seen a great deal of immaturity in you youngin’s.

Are you serious, Facebook? You think maturity is a part your app?

At least no kids hang out on my sight bullying each other. Look at you, Text. You’re the reason so many kids are mean to each other.

Now you’re joking. I am the safest app around. Safer than you, Twitter.

HA! I am clearly the safest. I only allow 140 characters. How much can my users really do to harm others in so few letters? Whew…that was only 126…. now 133.

It doesn’t take that many words to hurt someone’s feelings. Whoops… I just lost what feelings were…

(rolls eyes) That’s why I stick with photos. No one can harm with photos?

I know a lot of stuff, and one of those things is that you can hurt someone else in just about every way.

(refilling coffee cups) You all have problems.

(All apps act confused.)

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