The Gingerbread Boy Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-

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18+characters, flexible casting. 5 minutes running time. Cute repetitive story for young actors (ages 6-10). Includes extras! (3 credits.)

This is a wonderful story to use with younger students when putting on a play for the first time. There are enough parts for up to twenty actors, and each player has at least one line, if they so choose.

The Gingerbread Boy is a straight adaptation of the classic story (not a comedy). In the story, a gingerbread boy runs away from many different characters and is eventually outwitted by a clever fox.

The three-page script comes with:

Production notes
Study Guide
Extension Activities

Excerpt from the play:

Narrator One
Narrator Two
Little Old Man
Little Old Woman
Gingerbread Boy
Threshers (4)
Mowers (4)

Settings-A little house near a wood; the surrounding countryside.

Narrator One: Now you shall hear a story that somebody’s great-great-grandmother told a little girl ever so many years ago.

Narrator Two: There was once was a little old man and a little old woman who lived in a little old house near a little old wood.

Narrator One: They would have been a very happy old couple but for one thing.

Little Old Man: Little Old Wife, I wish we had a little boy.

Little Old Woman: I’ve wished and wished for that too, Little Old Husband.

(They both sigh heavily, and look toward the heavens. After a moment, the Little Old Man says…)

Little Old Man: Ah well. Why don’t you make me some of your tasty gingerbread.

Little Old Woman: Okay.

Narrator Two: So, the Little Old Woman made some dough and rolled it out. She decided to cut the dough in the shape of a little boy and put it in the oven.

Narrator One: After a while, she went to the oven to see if it was baked. As soon as the oven door was opened, the Little Gingerbread Boy jumped out and ran away as fast as he could go.

Little Old Woman: Little Old Husband, Little Old Husband! The Gingerbread Boy has run away!

Little Old Man: We must catch him, Little Old Wife!

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