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20+ characters. 8 pages long. Approximately 10 minutes running time. American history play in which students portray the original thirteen colonies.

Thirteen Colonies Game Show was written expressly for elementary students who are studying American history. But the play is such fun that it is appropriate for any elementary school audience. The play utilizes a game show approach and focuses on the contributions made by each of the thirteen colonies during the American Revolution. Teachers, parents, and caregivers alike have applauded the wit and educational value of the play.

Sarah Froeber has worked with and for children for almost 50 years! She has participated in child development research, directed two demonstration day care centers, taught child psychology classes, written books and plays for children, read to children in schools and shelters, and served as the artistic director and resident playwright of the award winning Jelly Educational Theater. A portion of the profits from her work is donated to The Jelly Foundation which she created to “sweeten the lives of children.” Her website is

Excerpt from the play:


Happy Ascanbe – the host
Trusted Assistant
13 Colonies:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Body Band – finger snappers, hand clappers, foot stompers (hard sole shoes)
Conductor of Body Band (determines the beat)

(Happy Ascanbe enters stage left.Trusted Assistant enters stage right and holds up a sign that says “APPLAUSE.”)

Happy: Thank you thank you thank you. (As applause diminishes, TA holds up sign again.) Oh, you are too kind. Thank you. Thank you. I am Happy Ascanbe(TA holds up sign.) Oh, thank you so much. I am the host of your favorite tv show ever – “Which Do You Choose?”(TA holds up sign.) As you know, last week we asked America “Which color do you choose?” Our contestants were Black, Brown, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange. We have counted all the votes from our viewers out there in tv land and (drum roll) the winner is (drum roll) Black! Can you believe it? But that is the color which our viewers selected. Come out Black and greet your public. (drum roll)

(Black enters wearing all black. TA holds up APPLAUSE sign, then puts a crown on Black’s head.)

Happy:Congratulations Black. It was a tight race. There were a lot of votesfor Brown, but you came out on top. Do you have anything to say aboutyour win?

Black:(giggles nervously) I am so honored. (more giggles) Thanks so much to all the …. people who (giggles) voted for me. I will try to make you proud. (TA holds up sign. Black bows and walks off stage, waving.)

Happy: Well that is a true winner if I ever saw one. And now for today’sexciting contest where we will be asking our tv audience “Whichcolony do you choose as the most important colony during the American Revolution?” (TA holds up sign.) Yes. Exciting indeed. So, without further ado, let’s bring on the first contestant – Connecticut!

(DRUM ROLL. Connecticut enters dragging a large and very heavy sack. The colony has to stop every once in a while to catch his/her breath.)

Happy: Welcome Connecticut. It is a pleasure to have you on “Which Do You Choose?” Do you understand how the contest works?

Connecticut:(bent over and huffing and puffing) Uh…yeah.

Happy: Excellent. Each contestant will tell us why it should be chosenas the most important colony during the American Revolution. Youmay begin.

Connecticut:(breathing heavily throughout and speaking haltingly) I…uhwas…uh…

Happy: Take your time.

Connecticut: I…uh…was… whew… very important to the…uh.. war effort.I provided…uh… much needed supplies…whew… to the ContinentalArmy. (as s/he lists the items s/he takes them out of the bag and places them on the floor.)I…uh…was called the Provision State…
whew…because I…uh…provided…I…uh… gave beef and salt and flour…uh…to the army. And gunpowder. Without me…uh…the armycouldn’t have…uh…survived.

Happy: Well it certainly seems like you were an important colony during theAmerican Revolution.

Connecticut:(replacing items in the bag) I…uh…was!

Happy: Is there anything else you would like to say about your role in thewar?

Connecticut:(dragging the bag off stage) No…uh… I just want to go sit down somewhere.

Happy: Well thank you Connecticut. (TA holds up APPLAUSE sign.)What an important colony. And now for our second contestant.Proceeding alphabetically, our next colony is Delaware.

(DRUM ROLL as Delaware, wearing a playsuit, skips on stage.)

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