Practice Scenes for Three Young Actors

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Short scenes for three actors. Best suited for elementary and middle school.

Young actors often focus on line delivery rather than listening to their scene partners. These original short scripts are designed to help younger students learn to focus on their fellow actors and practice using natural-sounding dialogue. The scenes are self-contained (no play analysis needed), and there is plenty of room for interpretation and individual character development.

Sample Scene:
Birthday Gift

A. Are you going to Sam’s birthday party this weekend?

B. I wasn’t invited.

C. Me neither.

A. Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you were.

B. It’s okay. I don’t know Sam very well anyway.

C. Me neither.

A. Well, I need to think of a good birthday present. Do you have any ideas?

B. What does Sam like?

A. Music.

B. How about a zither or a trombone?

A. I don’t know what a zither is, and I’m pretty sure Sam doesn’t play the trombone.

C. What else does Sam like?

A. Animals.

C How about a Komodo Dragon or a goose?

A. No offense, but I don’t think either of those would make good pets.

C. Picky, picky.

B. There must be something else that Sam likes.

A. Sports.

B. I’ve got the perfect idea. A sailboat.

C. Or a racecar.

A. Not those sports.

B. Listen, we were just trying to help.

A. Thanks, but I think I’ll choose the gift myself.

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