Quarantine Monologues

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48 original monologues for kids and teens.

Here are 48 monologues that relate to being quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic. They have been written by students, teachers, and playwrights. They are in order of age-appropriateness, with the monologues for younger students first. These can be used for performances, and are royalty-free!

Also included are:

Four ways to use the monologues.
A whole page of quarantine monologue prompts.

Examples of Quarantine Monologues:


Alex, an Amazon Delivery Driver
By Hayley Cotton

Alex can be played by any gender. Alex holds a cardboard box under their arm for the duration of the monologue.

In a lot of ways I could say my job has become more difficult since the pandemic began. At the same time, I’ve also had some of the most amazing days during all this. Sure, wearing a mask all day can be challenging and the number of packages I’m delivering is…unbelievable. But doing the actual delivering has become…so much more rewarding. At least in my opinion. I remember just a few weeks into quarantine as I was getting used to this “new normal”, I was delivering what I thought was just another package. I pulled up to a house with, what looked like, a white door with paint splatters all over it. I just assumed it was a painted door, but when I got closer, I saw that I was way off. The kids who lived in the house had covered the door with tiny little drawings. I’m talking twenty…maybe thirty little pieces of paper, in all different colors, of all sorts of different things. But everything was happy and colorful and just filled with that childlike joy, you know? In the middle of all of these drawings was a sign “Please take whatever makes your heart happy.” And as I stood taking all of this in, I suddenly noticed two little faces in the window next to me. When I looked over at these two adorable kids, they smiled and motioned towards their drawings as if they were saying “Please…take one…take two!” Of course, I did. I set their package down on their door mat, (Alex sets the cardboard box down, removing a piece of paper that had been on top between the box and their body) and I took the drawing that I had been immediately drawn to. (Alex holds up the drawing to the audience. It’s a drawing of the earth with the words “we will get through this”) I’ve carried this with me every day since. (Tucks the drawing into their pocket and smiles).


The Virus
By Donald Falconer

Hi there, I’m the virus. My full name is Covid-19 but to be honest I’d really like if you called me George. My full time job is to be a kind of parasite. I’m pretty selfish by nature as I take and take and take and don’t give anything back in return. What I mean by that is that I seek out any human being I can get my hands on and infect them so I can survive. Unfortunately, I can’t walk or fly so I just have to hope someone touches me accidentally or I get coughed up into another human. I hate it when you wear those masks. I just want to live as long as I can. Nobody wants to die not even a virus. So, when I get inside you, I try to multiply as quickly as I can to spread my little offspring around the world. The problem is though, at the moment we haven’t quite got it right and we are killing a lot of our hosts. Yes you, especially the older people whose immune systems doesn’t work so good. But luckily, we can mutate ourselves to become less lethal. What that means is that our DNA, our genetic material changes so that we can survive longer inside you by not killing you. It’s all about survival and duplication for us, survival and duplication, you have to remember that. At the moment we are doing really well ’cause we’ve just about infected every country in world. That’s a pretty good achievement for something that’s invisible to the naked eye. Though you can see us under a high-powered microscope. Nobody really likes us, but don’t we have as much right to be in the world as every other organism? I bet you didn’t know that we were some of the first organisms to ever exist! so really, I am one of your ancestors. Get your head around that one if you can. Yes, and what credit do you give us? None! You are only out to exterminate us all. I have heard you’ve developed some vaccines. Imagine taking a little fragment off our body then injecting it into your bodies so you become resistant to us. What are those things your immune systems make? Yes antibodies, pesky antibodies. Antibodies are my biggest fear in the world. I know they will try to kill me. I sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat imagining I’m covered in horrible antibodies dragging me off to my destruction. In the beginning you feared me more than I feared you, but I think the tables are turning. Yes, I am afraid. All I can see is vaccine needles coming towards my little brothers and sisters. I can hear them calling out “No! Please! Don’t hurt me! I didn’t mean to cause you any harm.” I just want to live inside you, that’s all. Can we be friends? But you don’t want us to be friends, all you want is for us to die. But please understand we, like you, are only trying to survive.

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