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12+ characters. Approximately 10 minutes running time.

Simplified version of the Wizard of Oz play script in which Dorothy has an adventure in the magical land of Oz. Leading narration is great for young children and those with limited reading ability.

Kathleen Maule Holen is a retired Nurse Practitioner and Archaeologist. She has been active in community theatre as an actor, director, and playwright since 2015. She has written several plays for children, Molly’s Adventures, The Giant Gurgling Glob Bread Monster and Three Cats for Christmas. She looks forward to having them brought to life on stage. Her plays for adult audiences include The First Step, which was a finalist at the Julian Playwright’s Festival 2020. Her plays often bring people together in some way and she believes that live theatre has the ability to do just that. Her published plays are available through Silverbirchington Plays, Lazy Bee Scripts, Off the Wall Plays, and now Drama Notebook.

Excerpt from the Play:

NARRATOR – the storyteller who cues the actor’s lines and actions
THE SUN – a bright and warm personality
DOROTHY – a young girl with a mind of her own
MOTHER – Dorothy’s worried mom
DARK STORM CLOUDS – a group of clouds that carry Dorothy to OZ and back home
MUNCHKINS – residents of OZ
TREES – a group of talking trees with wind blowing in their branches
TINMAN – a person made of tin who believes they have no heart
SCARECROW – a person made of straw who believes they have no brain
LION – a kindly lion who believes they have no courage
FLOWERS – a garden of beautiful but modest blooms who try to warn Dorothy
WICKED WITCH – an angry person who is jealous of their garden, but afraid of water
RAINBOW – a colorful helper who guides Dorothy back to Kansas


Dorothy lived in Kansas on a farm. She loved to walk in the beautiful countryside. Most of the time, the summer sun (SUN enters) was bright and the day was hot, but sometimes a wild wind blew and dark storm clouds would appear.

(DOROTHY enters.)

One summer day Dorothy decided to go for a long walk. She said, “I think I’ll go for a long walk.”

I think I’ll go for a long walk.

(DOROTHY’s MOTHER enters.)

But Dorothy’s mother was worried. She said, “There’s a storm coming. Don’t go far.”

There’s a storm coming. Don’t go far.

(MOTHER exits.)

But Dorothy ignored her mother’s warning and went for a long walk anyway. She said, “Whew! This is a long walk!”

Whew! This is a long walk!

(DARK STORM CLOUDS enter. SUN exits.)

Dorothy was surrounded by Dark Storm Clouds and the Sun went away. The Clouds made loud noises like thunder. Then they took Dorothy away!

(ALL exit.)


(DOROTHY enters.)

After the dark storm clouds had disappeared, Dorothy found herself in a strange place. Dorothy said, “I’m not in Kansas anymore!”

I’m not in Kansas anymore!

And before she could count to ten, a large crowd had gathered around her. Dorothy asked, “Who are you?”

Who are you?

The people were the Munchkins and they lived in the Magical Kingdom of OZ. They told her, “We’re the Munchkins.”

We’re the Munchkins.

Dorothy asked them, “Where am I?”

Where am I?

The Munchkins gave her the news that she had travelled to OZ in storm clouds. They said, “You’re in OZ.”

You’re in OZ.

The Munchkins wanted to know who Dorothy was, so they asked, “Who are you?”

Who are you?

Dorothy introduced herself. She said, “I’m Dorothy, from Kansas.”

I’m Dorothy, from Kansas.

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