Scavenger Hunts and Challenges for Drama Class

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28 drama scavenger hunts and challenges for online drama classes!

It’s difficult to come up with creative activities that keep students engaged and moving around when leading drama classes online. Without access to a stage, props, or costumes, teachers have to think creatively.

Drama Notebook to the rescue! Here is a fantastic collection of at-home scavenger hunts and challenges that your students will LOVE!

Included are:

  • 28 different scavenger hunts and challenges
  • PLUS a special scavenger hunt activity with 16 drama-related things that students must find or perform. (Two worksheets for students are provided.)

Object Monologue Challenge
Have the lead player (teacher) walk around their house with their camera on until a student yells “STOP!” The lead player picks up the nearest object (book, dog toy, spoon, water battle, etc.) and shows it to everyone. Next, each student improvises a character who talks about their relationship to that object. For example: If the object was a magazine, one student can pretend to be a celebrity who is annoyed that she is always in the gossip section. Another student may be a child whose mother doesn’t pay any attention to him because she’s always reading her magazines. The object also does not need to be what it actually is. For example, one character may say that the magazine is the umbrella she uses when it’s lightly raining.

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