Another 20 Short Practice Scenes

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Another 20 short practice scenes for pairs.

Our original collection of “20 Short Practice Scenes for Pairs” is our most downloaded title on Drama Notebook, so we added even more! Students LOVE working with these easy scenes for two actors.

The collection includes 20 one-page scenes, PLUS one bonus scene for three actors in case you have an odd number of students in class. These scenes may be used in skill-building exercises or as actual performance pieces for an end-of-the-term showcase. They may be used with a variety of ages (9-18), and are listed in order of age levels, with scenes for younger students first.

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Sample Scene:

Irreconcilable Differences
A princess tells her prince that she wants a divorce.

PRINCESS: We’ve been over this before, and nothing’s changed.

PRINCE: But things will get better, I promise.

PRINCESS: I want a divorce.

PRINCE: Now don’t be rash.

PRINCESS: Okay, aside from the fact that you’ve actually given me a rash, it’s been six years and things are still the same.

PRINCE: Listen, I was talking to Delilah the other day, and she thinks has a solution.

PRINCESS: Delilah? Delilah? Are you serious? How on earth could that witch help?

PRINCE: Okay, that’s fair. But she has been trying, and I think she might be onto something.

PRINCESS: Look, Edward. I want to have a life. I want to dance and travel and have children. I’m sorry. It’s just not going to work.

PRINCE: Well, if that’s your decision, you have to tell my father.

PRINCESS: Absolutely not! First of all, that’s not my job, that’s your job. Secondly, I’m never going back there again.

PRINCE: It’s not that bad.

PRINCESS: They live in a swamp!

PRINCE: You say that like it’s an insult.

PRINCESS: Edward. You just don’t get it.

PRINCE: No, I do. I just don’t want to admit it.

PRINCESS: Look, Edward, I’ve learned to love you. Truly. But it’s always been with the hope that—

PRINCE: –I know. I know.

PRINCESS: We have to face it. You’re still a frog. You’ll never turn into a prince. You’ll always be a frog. I love you, but I have to move on with my life. Goodbye. (Walks away.)

PRINCE: (Long pause) Wait. Wait…Arabella! I feel something happening! It might be happening! (feels his body) Nope. Oh shoot. (Hops off stage)

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