20 More Short Practice Scenes

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20 more one-page scenes for pairs or three actors!

Many drama teachers struggle to find immediately useable scenes that they can use to teach basic concepts such as vocal projection, comedic timing, characterization, etc. Here are 20 MORE short scenes for you to use with your students!

They may be used in skill-building exercises or as actual performance pieces for an end-of-the-term showcase.

The scenes may be used with a variety of ages (9-18).

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Sample scene:

On One Condition
A simple date request turns quite complicated.

A: The big dance is this weekend. I was thinking… maybe we could go together?

B: On one condition. Where would we eat beforehand?

A: Oh, I don’t know. I hadn’t thought about it.

B: I’m a vegetarian. I can’t eat meat.

A: That’s no problem.

B: Good. And nothing dairy based. I’m lactose intolerant, so I can’t have anything with milk or cheese.

A: I think we can work around that.

B: And nothing wheat based either… my allergies… I’ll blow right up.

A: What can you eat?

B: Not seafood! If there is shellfish within 35 feet of me, I’ll need to go to the emergency room. I could die.

A: (to audience) To think I was afraid he’d say no. Now I’m afraid of potential manslaughter charges.

B: And not Mexican. The last time I had Mexican food I was in the bathroom all night. Fruits and vegetables are okay, but they have to be pureed into a completely liquid form. Even then, no green or orange vegetables and no red or blue or green or yellow fruits.

A: Maybe we’ll just skip dinner and go straight to the dance.

B: Deal. But no slow dancing. And I hope they don’t play any fast hip-hop songs either. Or country music. Yuck. Did I mention I’m not much of a dancer? And I hate music.

A: Maybe we should skip the dance and go to a movie.

B: Yes! But nothing with singing or explosions. And not on the weekend. I don’t leave the house on days that have the letter “u” in them.

A: You know what? Forget I asked.

B: Was it something I said?

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