Brer Rabbit Mr. Man and the Candy Store

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8+ characters with flexible casting. Approximately 10 minutes running time. An original take on the Brer Rabbit trickster tale with lots of animal friends. Written by Malcom Henty.

Mr. Man’s Candy Store is an original idea by Malcom Henty. Mr. Man has moved to the edge of the wildwood where he has opened a new candy store. The animals who live nearby love to taste the sweets he has for sale, but money is scarce. If the animals are prepared to help him with a few chores, then Mr. Man rewards them with some goodies. All the creatures seem to accept this. All that is except for crafty Brer Rabbit. He has other mischievous ways of getting his hands on the sweet spoils.

Malcolm Henty is retired and living in East Devon in the United Kingdom. His theatre experience comes from writing and directing plays and pantomimes for the local children’s theatre group of which he is chairman. He also has the great fortune of working alongside his granddaughter Beth who is a primary school teacher. In addition to staging productions, the group also runs a very successful Drama Club for which he has written various plays. Happiness Stan and A Man for All Seasons, are about a raggedy old scarecrow, and are both available on Drama Notebook. Hairgel and Hairgel 2 (Karma Chameleon) are full length musicals. Hitler’s Ear is a play based on a true story of a boy who was evacuated three times in WW2, and All Hell at Allhallows is a murder mystery. Malcom is also the co-author along with Kent playwright Paul Sherman, of a new play based on Cornish folklore which is awaiting its premiere.

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Excerpt from the Play:

Narrator 1
Narrator 2
Brer Rabbit
Brer Turtle
Brer Bear
Brer Lion
Brer Fox
Mr. Man
*Brer means brother or an informal title before someone’s name.

(Settings: Outside in the wildwood and in a candy store)

Now some people calls it a candy store, and other people disagree and calls it a sweet shop. But what everyone agrees on is that it’s a mighty fine place. So, when Mr. Man decided to open up his new store on the edge of the wildwoods, everybody, including the animals who lived there, were over excited at the prospect.

Narrator 2:
Trouble was that to buy candy you needed money, and animals as a rule don’t carry money about their person. There was also another problem. Mr. Man was a businessman and couldn’t afford to give his wares away. But if the animals did some chores for him, he would reward them with sugar cane and popcorn. Some of the animals didn’t want to do chores, yet they still wanted candy. One of the worst culprits was Brer Rabbit:

(Brer Rabbit and Brer Turtle are sitting by roadside when Brer Bear walks by eating sugar cane)

Brer Rabbit:
Look yonder Brer Turtle. Here comes old Brer Bear and he’s eating like he’s fit to burst.

Brer Turtle:
Well, be nice and polite to him and he might share it with us.

Brer Rabbit:
Good morning, Brer Bear. You are sure looking well this fine day. How’s the candy tasting?

Brer Bear:
Mighty good Brer Rabbit, it’s mighty good.

Brer Rabbit:
Any chance of a nibble for me and my friend Brer Turtle?

Brer Bear:
Oh no, no chance at all. I have been stacking the log pile for Mr. Man and this is the reward for my hard work. Good day gentlemen. (Bear exits)

Brer Turtle:
Maybe we should try stacking those logs instead of lazing around in the sun Brer Rabbit.

Brer Rabbit:
That’s a lot of hard work. And anyway, I like laying in the sun.

Brer Turtle:
So do I, but that candy looked mighty good. Shouldn’t we give it a go?

Brer Rabbit:
Hush now Brer Turtle. Let me think. There has to be a way of getting some candy without all that sweating and heaving.

Narrator 1:
And with that Brer Rabbit pulled his hat down over his eyes and laid back in the sun like he was on a tropical beach. Brer Turtle went back into his house and slept. Now I can hear you all asking how come Brer Turtle went back in his house when they were on the edge of the wildwoods. Well, that’s easy one to answer. Being a turtle, he carries his house on his back, which is very useful when it rains, or when Brer Rabbit becomes annoying.

Narrator 2:
The two friends slept in the sun until they were awoken by a loud crunching sound. Brer Rabbit’s nose began twitching. Coming up the road was Brer Fox with a large bag of popcorn. Now if there’s something that animals like more than candy it’s popcorn. They stood up waiting to greet Brer Fox.
(Brer Fox comes along eating popcorn)

Brer Fox:
Good day Brer Rabbit and Brer Turtle. It’s a fine day to be walking in the wildwood.

Brer Rabbit:
It sure is Brer Fox. Is that popcorn you are eating?

Brer Fox:
It sure is.

Brer Rabbit:
Smells real nice.

Brer Fox:
Sure does, and it tastes real nice as well.

Brer Turtle:
Seems a lot of popcorn for one animal. Do you feel like it’s a sharing day?

Brer Fox: (Laughing)
No chance at all.

Brer Rabbit:
Where did you get the money to buy that popcorn? I thought you was pretty poor?

Brer Fox:
I am poor. But I’ve been cutting hay for Mr. Man, and he gave me the popcorn as a reward. Now good day gentlemen. (Brer Fox exits)

Brer Turtle:
Maybe we should go and cut some hay for Mr. Man. Then we might get to taste that popcorn too.

Brer Rabbit:
Oh, hush now Brer Turtle. It is much too nice a day to be working when we can be laying here soaking up the sunshine. Plenty of time to be doing chores later.

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