Short Play Script for Children-Calypso, the Royal Dragon

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4 characters. Flexible casting. 4 pages in length. Approximately 5 minutes running time. A short play for children about a worried dragon written by Phyllis J. Perry.

Calypso, The Royal Dragon is a short play for three children. Dragon’s Day is only a few days away but Calypso the Dragon isn’t feeling well. He won’t eat despite all the delicious treats they bring him. When he reveals that he’s worried that he hasn’t invented a new treat for the children, the Princess and Royal Physician urge him to drink his favorite lemonade and practice his fire-breathing. With a little encouragement and a bit of heat, Calypso might just create a poppin’ new recipe in time for Dragon’s Day!

This play is also included in Plays For You And A Friend Or Two, a compilation of twelve short plays, each with 2 or 3 characters, and simple staging. The plays are written for elementary school children and include: THREE STICKS; LOST AND FOUND; THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER; THE MAGIC HAT; PIRATE TREASURE; CALYPSO, THE ROYAL DRAGON; TWO FUSSY FROGS; IN THE CAVE; GLOOMY, RAINY DAY; NEVER EMPTY STEW POT; HICCUPS; and FOR YOU OR FOR ME?. These fun plays are full of friendship, humor, fantasy, and magic and children will love to perform them in class or on stage!

Phyllis J. Perry lives in Boulder, Colorado. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, holds a Masters Degree from San Francisco State, and a doctorate from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has been active in three community theaters. Phyllis is a retired teacher who writes for children and adults. She writes fiction and nonfiction books, poetry, and plays. A list of her 92 books can be found on her website,

Excerpt from the play:


The Princess, the Royal Physician, and Calypso, the Royal Dragon.

Behind the palace in a faraway land is a cave where the Royal Dragon, Calypso, lives. Calypso is sitting on the grass in front of his cave. His head hangs down. He looks sad.

Bowl of corn, glass of lemonade, bowl of popcorn, real or pretend treats such as a strawberry, cookies, and apple.

AT RISE: As the scene opens, the Royal Physician and the Princess come walking up to Calypso. He pays no attention to them.

Dear Calypso, whatever is wrong? The Royal Physician tells me that you are not eating and that you do nothing all day except lie on the grass.

Look, Calypso. See what I have brought you? A bowl of yellow corn, your favorite food to nibble. Now, do eat a little.

(Sighs and turns his head away without taking a bite of food.) I’m not hungry.

(She drops down on the grass and gently pats the dragon’s head.) Do you hurt anywhere, Calypso? Do you have a pain in your tummy? Do you have a cold in your head?

(CALYPSO shakes his head no, but does not speak.)

We must find something to tempt Calypso’s appetite. All the cooks are in the kitchen preparing for the holiday. But they won’t be too busy to fix some special treats for you. (She runs off.)

Now see here, old boy, we must get to the bottom of this. I’ve felt you all over and you have no broken bones. You aren’t hot with fever. You aren’t sneezing or wheezing. Whatever can be the matter with you?

(CALYPSO sighs, but does not speak.)

(Rushes back.) Oh, what treats I have for you, Calypso! The Royal Cooks have sent you a strawberry dipped in sugar, a freshly baked cookie, and a bright red, delicious apple. (The princess sits down near Calypso and one by one offers him a treat. Each treat is refused.)

(Takes the Princess aside and whispers in her ear.) I don’t want to alarm you, your highness, but this is very serious. Calypso hasn’t eaten for several days now. And he isn’t drinking, either. He will soon be too weak to move.

Lemonade! (She jumps up.) Calypso loves lemonade. Dear doctor, do rush back to the palace and bring back some fresh lemonade. I’m sure Calypso will drink it. Meanwhile, I’ll talk with him and try to find out what’s wrong.

Yes, your Highness. (Hurries off to the palace kitchen.)

Now Calypso, you must tell me what is wrong. Today is Wednesday. Saturday is Dragon’s Day in our kingdom. All the children in the land will gather on the front lawn of the palace. There will be games and music. But most of all, the children come to see you and to eat the special treat that you have invented for them!

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