Black History Month drama activities for elementary, middle, and high school students

Black History Month
Twelve innovative Black History Month drama activities and projects. Ages 9 and up. 22 pages!

Black inventors drama activity. Black history month theatre education.

Black Inventors
Black History Month drama activity featuring 14 inventors!

How to Create an Historical Piece-Drama Lesson

How to Create an Historical Piece
Quick guide for helping students create an original piece based on historical events.

Native American Integrated Arts Lesson
Two pages. Ages 8-11. Students learn about the Native American culture and perform for each other.

Rocky Movement Integrated Arts Lesson
Three pages. Ages 7-9. Students learn all about rock formations.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Water Cycle Arts Integration

Water Cycle Integrated Arts Lesson
One-hour drama lesson that teaches the water cycle through dramatic movement. Best for elementary aged students.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Gravity Arts Integration

Gravity Integrated Arts Lesson
Students demonstrate an understanding of gravity through movement and tableaus in this short drama integration lesson.

Political Candidate Improv Games

Political Candidate Improv Games
For ages 12 and up! Four detailed improv games designed to deepen students’ understanding of elections and systems of government.

Fairy Tale Candidates Drama Lesson

Fairy Tale Candidates Drama Lesson
5 pages. For ages 12 and up. Great drama integration lesson that utilizes fairy tale characters to study different types of government and to learn about debating important issues.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Tour Guide

Tour Guide
Original Drama Notebook activity in which students play tour guides, leading the rest of the class through an imaginary tour of a famous location. Excellent drama integration activity. Includes four printable lists of things to tour.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Myths

Activity in which students create short plays based on myths. Works for a variety of ages and includes instructions, 36 myth prompts, and four myths to read to your group.

Chinese New Year Script

Chinese New Year Script
4 characters, 3 minutes running time. Simple script in which a student from China explains the Chinese New Year to three friends.