Super Me

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A bullied teen gets unexpected help from his/her superhero alter-ego. 5 characters, flexible casting. Approximately 10 minutes running time.

In this short play, a bullied teen finds courage from an unexpected source…the super-hero inside of him! The play offers a fun way for students to approach the theme of bullying, and find their own super-powers.

This script includes discussion questions, casting, set and costume suggestions.

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Excerpt from the play:


EMERSON — (M/F) unsure, cautious, and a little too agreeable
SUPER EMERSON — (M/F) alter-ego of Emerson – confident, brave, and strong
MORGAN— (M/F) sibling of Emerson – mean and rude
RAINN — (M/F) friend of Emerson – snotty and pushy
COACH MARSHALL — (M/F) chess coach of Emerson – does not notice Emerson

(The action takes place in modern day at a bus stop, in a gym, library, and lunchroom.)

(Lights come up on the wing space of a stage, far stage right, or in front of curtain, on a bus stop. Emerson is sitting on a bus bench, while Morgan paces back and forth. Emerson is reading a comic book and does not look while Morgan is ranting and start talking mid-rant.)


…then there’s my room. You are not allowed in there. There are NO exceptions. I know mom and dad said we have no (makes air quotes) “real doors” in our house, but I disagree. MY room is MY room, which brings me to another issues, MY computer. I know mom and dad said we are supposed to share the laptop, but THAT’S not going to happen. I have private files on that computer, and I don’t want YOU looking through them.
(Morgan notices that Emerson is not listening.)
Do you hear me, Emerson?

(without looking upYes.

I don’t think you heard a word that I said. All you do is keep your nose in the comic book. WHAT A DORK. Which reminds me of another issue. I don’t want you hanging out with me when my friends come over. They are cool, and you are not. It’s not a combination I want to encourage. Got it, Emerson?

(Emerson does not react, just keeps reading.)
Emerson? I’m talking to you. Do you understand?

(looks up dejected) I understand, Morgan.

(smugly) Good. Here comes the school bus. Do not embarrass me this morning. Ashley told me Ryan Cooper wants to sit by me today, so you need to sit somewhere else.

(Super Emerson’s voice is heard from overhead. Only Emerson hears it.)

Ryan Cooper will NEVER sit by her. Tell her no.
(Emerson looks up and around, confused.)

Who said that?

Said what, loser? I didn’t hear anything.

I just heard that Ryan Cooper will NEVER sit by you.

(outraged and looks around) WHO told you that? Did Megan say that? What is Megan doing talking to YOU? If she has something to say, she needs to say it to my face. (shakes head) How is it we are even related? I think mom and dad found you on the side of the road and took pity on you.

(bus sound effect)

I will talk to Megan. In the meantime, stay out of it.

(Morgan exits to board bus.)
(Emerson looks around confused and then exits.)

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