Emotions Scenes for Early Readers

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Ten short scenes about emotions for early readers or English language learners. Each script is one page long and contains a discussion prompt at the end. Sight words and rhyming make scenes easy and fun to read.

Are you working with very young children, early readers, English language learners, or students with learning challenges? These short scenes for pairs offer an excellent way to help students become familiar with play scripts, practice reading, and become more confident with reading aloud. A great companion for your (SEL) Social and Emotional Learning lessons.

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Sample Scene:

A     Look at this park!

B     I am going to swing!

A     That sounds fun.

B     Will you push me?

A     Sure!

B     I like to go high.

A     You are very brave.

B     I can see the world from up high.

A     Sam is coming to the park to play with you today.

B     But I don’t know Sam.

A     That is true, but I think you will be friends.

B     I am feeling shy.

A     I understand. Meeting new people can feel that way.

B     I feel nervous.

A     That is normal.

B     I don’t know what to say.

A     You could start with a smile.

B     A smile?

A     Yes. And then maybe you could ask Sam to swing.

B     I think I can do that.

A     I think you can too. It would be brave, and you are brave!

*When do you feel shy? How do you feel when you meet new people?

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