How to Teach Your First Drama Class

12 page, easy-to-follow outline packed with activities for your first drama class!

Four pages—includes sample workshop outline for a Beginning Acting class.

One page worksheet to help you identify objectives for your class.

Fill one of these in for every session and stay on track with fulfilling the goals of your class.

Don’t suffer by learning the hard way. Here are 13 pages of highly effective classroom management strategies and tips specifically for drama class!

If you are working with at-risk students, or students who simply don’t want to be in your class, read this 16 page guide before quitting your job.

Start and end your class with meaning! This six-page tutorial offers 12 ways to open class and six ways to end the experience.

18 page guide that easily walks you through the process of creating a themed-show that is fully created by the students.

How to Run a Drama Camp

20 page guide that teaches you how to set up and run a drama camp for fun and profit!

No more hurt feelings when it comes to casting younger students in a show!

Most comprehensive list of theatre terminology you will find anywhere! Over 11 pages and 150 theatrical terms.

Here are all the basic elements of stage direction and movement all in one thirteen page tutorial!

52 drama activities organized by categories that are perfect for the beginning of the school year!