Three page storytelling lesson plan for younger students and one page storytelling lesson plan outline for older students.

Over 60 games designed to help students become better storytellers.

Complete guide to creating plays based on children’s books!

This four-page tutorial explains the various story elements that can help students craft compelling stories.

Fourteen short beginnings of stories for your group of younger students to turn into short plays!

Four fill-in-the-blank outlines designed to guide students of all ages into creating compelling stories. These are completely original and cannot be found anywhere else.

Fill-in-the-blank story outline that students use to create a compelling, original fairy tale skit.

Quick guide for helping students create an original piece based on historical events.

Three versions of fill-in-the blank poems that can help your students bond with each other and develop self-awareness.

34 short stories from around the world for students of all ages to turn into skits and short plays. Includes instructions for younger students and older students.

34 fables ready to print and use with your group!

Original Drama Notebook activity that uses proverbs as prompts for dramatic exercises. 88 proverbs, and instructions for using them!

Activity in which students create short plays based on myths. Works for a variety of ages and includes instructions, 36 myth prompts, and four myths to read to your group.

Here are four pages of titles to use as skit and monologue prompts!

Great activity for younger students. 16 animal-themed titles that students may use as prompts for pantomime skits and short plays.

Here are sixteen original fairy tale titles, plus instructions for using them as prompts and two story outlines to help younger students structure their stories.

20 fun monster-themed titles to use with your group. Includes instructions and variations of the activity.

40 fun winter-themed titles for all ages. Includes instructions and short play outlines to help younger students structure their stories.

Creative drama lesson in which students use personal items to develop short skits and plays. You will not find this lesson anywhere else.

Fun, original game that helps students break the ice or warm-up their imaginations! Includes instructions and 40 silly questions!

Challenging game for all ages in which students must create skits that contain three random words. Includes instructions and THIRTY sets of three words.

Twelve ways to inspire students to take an existing story and change it somehow. This is an excellent imagination and team-building activity!

Students create short plays based on characters who find magical objects. Includes 15 prompts, instructions and more!

Fifteen hilarious short play scenarios that will inspire your students to create their own short holiday plays!

40 interesting photos with suggestions and questions for each one!

Sixteen engaging photos of animals along with descriptions and questions. Use the prompts to inspire younger students to create monologues and skits!

Great collection of sixteen different types of dwellings designed to inspire students to create monologues, short scenes and skits. Includes instructions and questions for each photo!

Great collection of twelve photos portraying a wide range of emotions. Includes instructions and discussion questions for each photo.

Strange photo prompts for advanced or really creative groups! Sixteen photos and includes written prompts and questions.