Pantomime Drama Lesson Plan for Schools

Pantomime Lesson Plan
Comprehensive 12 page lesson plan divided into five units!

Pantomime Rubric

Pantomime Rubric
All ages. Simple evaluation form to use when teaching a unit on pantomime.

Pantomime Activities for Drama Class

40 Pantomime Activities
10 great warm-ups for a pantomime lesson and 30 inventive activities to use right away with your group!

Improvisations with Obstacles for Drama Class

24 Improvisations with Obstacles
24 short, solo scenes to assign to your advanced or older students!

Activity Pantomimes for Drama Class

Activity Pantomimes
30 easy pantomimes for younger students and 36 more difficult ones for older students.

Pantomimes for Pairs for Drama Class

Pantomimes for Pairs
4 pages. 22 pantomimes for pairs, 22 pantomimes for pairs of characters, 22 suggestions for pantomimes and five ways to use the printout!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Character Pantomimes for Pairs

Character Pantomimes for Pairs
Drama activity that helps students portray conflict between characters non-verbally. Includes thirty unique sets of characters and conflicts.

Pantomimes with Obstacles for Drama Class

Pantomimes with Obstacles
Great pantomime activity for advanced students! 34 difficult pantomimes designed to be printed out and cut apart!

Sensory Pantomimes
28 pantomime suggestions designed to be printed out, cut apart and used with your group right away. Also included are discussion questions and four ways to play.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Shoebox Drama Activity

Shoebox Game
Fun, original game in which students pull the names of different types of shoes out of a shoebox and pantomime putting on the shoes and moving in character.

Drama Lesson Plan-Emotions List

Emotions List
Fantastic list of 37 distinct emotions ready to print out and put in a hat for use with improvisational situations/games.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Clown Gags to Perform

Clown Gags to Pantomime
Eight short clown routines designed to help students develop physical comedy skills!

Holiday Tableau Ideas
12 holiday slide show scenarios already planned for you and your class! Print out, cut apart and hand them out to small groups

Winter Pantomimes for Drama Class

Winter Pantomimes
28 winter-themed pantomime suggestions to use with your group.

Drama Activity-Idiom Charades

Idiom Charades
Here are 52 idioms ready to print and cut apart and use with a game of charades!

Drama Activity for Schools-Mirror

3-page detailed tutorial of the classic theatre exercise ‘Mirror.’ Includes ten variations and discussion questions.

Drama Activity for Schools-Space Walk

Space Walk
11 pages, includes instructions for 13 different versions of this exercise, complete with over 100 prompts.

Drama Activity for Schools-Statues

5-page detailed tutorial of the classic theatre activity ‘Statue.’ Includes eleven variations, discussion questions and nearly 100 suggestions for types of statues.

Drama Activity for Schools-Become

Classic drama activity in which students ‘become’ appliances, household items, flowers, and even weather! 10 pages. Includes three pages of prompts!

Drama Activity for Schools-Tableaus

Five-page tutorial on this classic theatre exercise. Includes a description of tableau work, tips for creating successful tableaus and over 100 prompts.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-What Room Are We In

What Room Are We In
Pantomime activity in which actors create a sense of space using only movement. Includes instructions and a list of twelve different types of rooms.