Fun, original Drama Notebook game for all ages. Four to five players form an assembly line and pantomime creating an object, but no one knows what anyone else is making!

Fun, original Drama Notebook activity for all ages. Students play presenters and recipients of fictitious awards. Three pages of awards are included!

The ultimate in impossible pantomime. This game includes two printable lists of animals and activities; players must simultaneously perform both!

Here are four pages of titles to use as skit and monologue prompts!

Great activity for younger students. 16 animal-themed titles that students may use as prompts for pantomime skits and short plays.

Here are sixteen original fairy tale titles, plus instructions for using them as prompts and two story outlines to help younger students structure their stories.

20 fun monster-themed titles to use with your group. Includes instructions and variations of the activity.

40 fun winter-themed titles for all ages. Includes instructions and short play outlines to help younger students structure their stories.

36 thought-provoking questions to help young actors get to know one another or to use as monologue/short play prompts.

This original Drama Notebook activity helps students understand the relationship between costume/clothing and character. 30 imaginary costume pieces—ready to print out and use immediately.

Students can create their own mixed-up fairy tales using grab-bag elements borrowed from a variety of stories!

Sixteen fairy tale pairs are ready to print out, cut apart and put in a hat to use for pantomime activities, team-building, or as inspiration for skits or short plays!

Twenty printable activities designed to be sent home with drama students for them to try with their families.

Simple activity designed to get students into groups without counting off!

Students of all ages have a blast creating skits, short plays and monologues based on fictitious fortunes. Three pages of fortunes; over 75 fortunes in all!

Nearly 200 debate topics for varying ages, and five ways to use them dramatically are included in this original Drama Notebook activity!

This is an excellent activity for helping students experiment with movement and character in a non-threatening way. Includes instructions and 28 prompts!

Excellent warm-up game that uses hats as prompts for movement and characterization. 36 types of hats ready to print out, cut apart and use right away.

Students have a blast creating monologues, short plays or even a news-broadcast show using the headlines in this lesson. Six pages of fictitious headlines!

Ready to try something really different? In this lesson, students create performance pieces based on the names of imaginary worlds. Instructions and 40 different names of imaginary worlds are included!

“In every skit, there is a crazy cat lady.” Students have a blast writing original skits that all include one unusual element. Included are instructions for play and 20 ‘In Every Skit’ prompts!

Have you played ‘Interpreter’ yet with your group? It’s an incredibly engaging drama activity! Here are complete instructions and 22 activities to interpret.

Improv activity for all ages that sparks the imagination. Complete instructions, a printable list of 27 objects, and an example of a skit is included.

Fun, original Drama Notebook activity in which students create commercials for fictional magic products!

Students create short plays based on characters who find magical objects. Includes 15 prompts, instructions and more!

20 page complete Melodrama lesson plan!

Great ‘ready-to-play’ bonding activity. Students fill-in-the-blanks, creating short poems about themselves. Three versions are included.

Fun, Drama Notebook original drama game in which students create fictitious monsters based on traits pulled out of a hat!

Fun drama activity in which students create short plays based on random items found in a mystery bag.

Activity in which students create short plays based on myths. Works for a variety of ages and includes instructions, 36 myth prompts, and four myths to read to your group.

30 easy pantomimes for younger students and 36 more difficult ones for older students.

4 pages. 22 pantomimes for pairs, 22 pantomimes for pairs of characters, 22 suggestions for pantomimes and five ways to use the printout!

28 pantomime suggestions designed to be printed out, cut apart and used with your group right away. Also included are discussion questions and four ways to play.

28 winter-themed pantomime suggestions to use with your group.

Great acting warm-up game that includes 20 character prompts!

Three pages of props ready to print out, cut apart and put in a hat, plus four activities to try with your group.

Here are 28 imaginative scene starters for younger students and 28 scene starters for older students! Print them out and start the activity immediately.

Fun, original game in which students pull the names of different types of shoes out of a shoebox and pantomime putting on the shoes and moving in character.

Fun, original game that helps students break the ice or warm-up their imaginations! Includes instructions and 40 silly questions!

Great group tableau activity for all ages! Includes 22 scenarios for younger students and 40 scenarios for older students and more.

Fourteen short beginnings of stories for your group of younger students to turn into short plays!

In this original Drama Notebook activity, students take on the characteristics of inanimate objects that argue with each other! Tremendously fun for all ages!

Challenging game for all ages in which students must create skits that contain three random words. Includes instructions and THIRTY sets of three words.

Hilarious original drama activity in which students take turns delivering terrible performances! Two scripts are included.