Drama Literacy Integration Activities

Literacy Activities
23 drama activities that can help students become better readers or become more fluent in English!

ESL ELL Drama Activities

ELL Activities
70 drama games that can help students learn the English language!

Adjectives and Adverbs Drama Activity

Adjectives and Adverbs
Four printable pages of adjectives and adverbs categorized by ‘easy’ and ‘difficult.’ Includes five drama games to use with the lists.

Preposition Tableaus
Short drama lesson that uses movement to teach preposition!

Drama Lesson Plan-Colors List

Colors Game
Printable list of 39 colors and six ways to use them in drama class

Drama Lesson Plan-Emotions List

Emotions List
Help your students expand their vocabulary around emotions with this list of 37 different emotions and five ways to use them!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Verb Dance

Verb Dance
Drama activity that uses movement to convey the meaning of verbs. Includes instructions and a list of 26 verbs.

Play a Story

Play a Story
Fun lesson on creating original story titles with accompanying Play a Story video!

Fables to Perform in Drama Class

Fables to Perform
34 fables ready to print and use with your group!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Proverbs

Original Drama Notebook activity that uses proverbs as prompts for dramatic exercises. 88 proverbs, and instructions for using them!

Story Starters Drama Lesson for Teachers

Story Starters
Fourteen short beginnings of stories for your group of younger students to turn into short plays!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Three Word Skits

Three Word Skits
Challenging game for all ages in which students must create skits that contain three random words. Includes instructions and THIRTY sets of three words.

How-To Writing
Short literacy integration lesson that helps students develop narrative skills.

Narrative Writing
Short literacy lesson for elementary students that combines improvisation with expository writing.

Drama Activity-Idiom Role Play Cards

Idiom Role Play Cards
48 cards containing common expressions and their meanings for students to use to create improvised scenes.

Drama Activity-Idiom Charades

Idiom Charades
Here are 52 idioms ready to print and cut apart and use with a game of charades!

Drama Activity-Idiom Activities

Idiom Activities
Three completely original drama activities that integrate drama and theatre!

Drama Activity-Idiom Scene Prompts

Idiom Scene Prompts
27 idioms along with their literal translations for students to use as scene prompts.

Wizard Drama Activity-Scene Prompts

Wizard Scene Prompts
16 fun activities that prompt students to create their own wizard-themed scenes!

Chinese Proverbs

Chinese Proverbs
39 Chinese proverbs to use in drama class, or with your ESL students! Includes introduction and three activities.

Fable and Folk Tale Scenes for Early Readers

Fable and Folk Tale Scenes for Early Readers
Ten short fable and folk tale scenes for early readers or English language learners.

Friendship and Fun Scenes for Early Readers

Friendship and Fun Scenes for Early Readers
Ten short friendship and fun scenes for early readers or English language learners.

Fairy Tale Scenes for Early Readers

Fairy Tale Scenes for Early Readers
Ten short fairy tale scenes for early readers or English language learners.