Little Red Riding Hood Rap

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9+ characters. Approximately 5 minutes running time. Fun version of Little Red Riding Hood that includes rap!

Fairy tales meet hip hop in this delightful version of Little Red Riding Hood. Students can play characters or rappers, and make up their own dance moves to go along with the raps! This play has a lot of flexibility in terms of cast size because you can add as many characters as you like. We have three other short fairy tale rap plays, so some students can play characters in one play, and rappers in other ones, allowing everyone a chance to have a colorful, meaningful part!

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About the Playwright:

Val Neubecker lives in Perth, Australia. She wrote scripts for a theatre restaurant for 18 years and has had three children’s books published. Her poems, short stories and plays have been published in The School Magazine, also NZ School Journal. She has published five e-books: The Rock, The School Photograph, What a Performance, An Alphabet of Australian Animals, and Santa’s Little Reindeer. ‘Ho! Ho! Ho! & Other Christmas Songs’, features Val’s work as a composer and lyricist. It also includes activities and worksheets to accompany the songs. Val is the Secretary and Poetry Coordinator for Creative Connections, an organization where poets write poems to works of art created by artists with disabilities.

Excerpt from the play:


RAPPERS (All other students in the class)

SETTING 1:  Inside the Hood’ house.

Once upon a time, there lived a family; Mother Hood, Father Hood, and their little daughter Robyn. But as she had very red hair, everyone called her Red.


What do you think we should do today?

Well, I think we should do some baking. Make something nice to eat.

Sounds good.

Oh, I’ll make some rock cakes.

(together, horrified) Rock cakes!

Yes, rock cakes. You remember, I learnt how to make them at school. You both like rock cakes, don’t you?

Oh, yes dear.

Of course, Red.

/Mother and /Father /tried to /grin
They’d /have to /take it /on the /chin,
They /wouldn’t /tease, they /wouldn’t /mock,
But /Red’s rock /cakes were /just like /ROCK.

I’ve thought of a great idea. It’s a lovely day so why not take the rock cakes to Granny. I’m sure she’d like them.

(FATHER & MOTHER exchange a high-five without RED seeing.)

Oh, that’s such a thoughtful idea. Would you like to do that, Red?

Oh, yes. I can ride over on my bicycle.

And /so just /think of /what was /said,
She /rides, she’s /small, her /name is /Red,
/Add her /surname /as you /should,
That /makes her /Little Red /Riding /Hood.

After making the cakes, Red put them in her bicycle basket and rode off into the woods.

(RED exits.)

(MOTHER & FATHER wave goodbye & exit.)

SETTING 2:  In the woods.

But lurking in the wood was a very nasty, very hungry wolf. He saw Red riding through the woods.

(RED enters.)

(singing) Dum- dee- dum- dee- dum.

(WOLF enters.)

(aside) Yummo, a little girl. How tasty!
(to RED) Hello little girl, where are you going?

She /pulled her /bike up /with a /whirl,
Young /Red was /such a /trusting /girl,
She /saw the /wolf but /thought that /he
Was /nice and /friendly /as could /be.

Hi Wolfie, I’m going to my granny’s house.

Is that very far away?

Oh no, it’s the little cottage on this path right at the end of the woods.

(aside) Thanks for the directions. Now I just need to get there before she does.
(to RED) Look at all the pretty flowers over there in the woods. You could pick some for your granny.

Oh, what a nice thoughtful Wolfie you are. That’s a lovely idea. I’ll start right away.

So Red walked further into the woods to pick flowers for her granny.

(RED exits.)

The /wolf thought /he was /very /smart,
He’d /go to /Granny’s /for a /start,
He’d /eat her /first, then /wait, a/lert,
For /Little /Red, who’d /be des/sert.

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