Improvisations with Obstacles for Drama Class

24 Improvisations with Obstacles
24 short, solo scenes to assign to your advanced or older students!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Actor's Nightmare Drama Activity

Actor’s Nightmare
Here are 29 short scenes that ONLY have the lines spoken by one actor! (For older or more advanced students.)

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Advice from Dear Abby

Advice from Dear Abby
32 advice column letters and replies that may be used to create skits, monologues and more. Includes complete instructions. (Best suited for older or advanced students.)

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Answer the Door

Answer the Door
22 situations that help students understand the importance of the first-moment onstage. They are ready to print out and assign to your students

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Assembly Line Drama Activity

Assembly Line
Fun, original Drama Notebook game for all ages. Four to five players form an assembly line and pantomime creating an object, but no one knows what anyone else is making!

Award Ceremony Drama Game

Award Ceremony
Fun, original Drama Notebook activity for all ages. Students play presenters and recipients of fictitious awards. Three pages of awards are included!

Bad Monkey Drama Game

Bad Monkey
The ultimate in impossible pantomime. This game includes two printable lists of animals and activities; players must simultaneously perform both!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Bag of Titles Drama Activity

Bag of Titles
Here are four pages of titles to use as skit and monologue prompts!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Bag of Winter Titles Drama Activity

Bag of Winter Titles
40 fun winter-themed titles for all ages. Includes instructions and short play outlines to help younger students structure their stories.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Celebrity Interview Questions Drama Activity

Celebrity Interview Questions
36 thought-provoking questions to help young actors get to know one another or to use as monologue/short play prompts.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Confessions and Secrets Drama Activity

Confessions and Secrets
This original Drama Notebook activity invites young actors to create monologues or scenes based on confessions! There are 26 in all; this activity is best suited for older or advanced students

CSI Drama Activity-Crime Scene

Crime Scene
In this original Drama Notebook activity, students create skits or scenes where a crime takes place. Fun for all ages!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Entrances

Here are 24 locations and situations that can help young actors practice making their entrances meaningful!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Experts

Students will LOVE this activity in which they get to become immediate experts on funny or serious subjects! 32 funny topics and 32 serious ones are ready to print out, cut apart and put into a hat.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-First Line Last Line Drama Activity

First Line Last Line
Use this fun activity with older or advanced students. 11 ‘first lines’ and 11 ‘last lines’ are ready to print out and put in a hat. Students work in pairs to create improvised scenes using the lines as prompts.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Fortune Cookies Drama Activity

Fortune Cookies
Students of all ages have a blast creating skits, short plays and monologues based on fictitious fortunes. Three pages of fortunes; over 75 fortunes in all!

Drama Lesson Plans for Schools-Funny 911 Calls

Funny 911 Calls
32 hilarious short 911 calls in script form!

List of Genres for Drama Class

Genres Lesson and List
Complete lesson on genres including lists of theatre, film and television genres.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Gibberish Games

Gibberish Games
Here are six pages of gibberish prompts and instructions for three different activities to play with your group. You will not find anything like this anywhere else!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Debate Activity

The Great Debate
Nearly 200 debate topics for varying ages, and five ways to use them dramatically are included in this original Drama Notebook activity!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Greetings Game

Greetings Game
This is an excellent activity for helping students experiment with movement and character in a non-threatening way. Includes instructions and 28 prompts!

Headlines Drama Activity

Students have a blast creating monologues, short plays or even a news-broadcast show using the headlines in this lesson. Six pages of fictitious headlines!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Imaginary Worlds Drama Activity

Imaginary Words
Ready to try something really different? In this lesson, students create performance pieces based on the names of imaginary worlds. Instructions and 40 different names of imaginary worlds are included!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-In Every Skit Drama Activity

In Every Skit
“In every skit, there is a crazy cat lady.” Students have a blast writing original skits that all include one unusual element. Included are instructions for play and 20 ‘In Every Skit’ prompts!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Interpreter Drama Activity

Have you played ‘Interpreter’ yet with your group? It’s an incredibly engaging drama activity! Here are complete instructions and 22 activities to interpret.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Inventions Drama Activity

Improv activity for all ages that sparks the imagination. Complete instructions, a printable list of 27 objects, and an example of a skit is included.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Lines in a Pocket Drama Activity

Lines in a Pocket
Detailed instructions for the classic improv game also known as ‘Bucket.’ Included are 28 scene suggestions and over 60 random lines! Best for older or advanced students.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Magic Product Commercials

Magic Product Commercials
Fun, original Drama Notebook activity in which students create commercials for fictional magic products!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Magic Object Stories

Magical Object Stories
Students create short plays based on characters who find magical objects. Includes 15 prompts, instructions and more!

Melodrama Drama Lesson Plan for Schools

Melodrama Lesson Plan
20 page complete Melodrama lesson plan!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Motivation Improvs

Motivation Improvs
25 improvisational situations that prompt students to develop their own character’s motivation for wanting a specific thing.

Murder Mystery Drama Lesson

Murder Mystery Drama Lesson
7 pages. Ages ten and up. Step by step lesson with that results in an improvised game of whodunit!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Myths

Activity in which students create short plays based on myths. Works for a variety of ages and includes instructions, 36 myth prompts, and four myths to read to your group.

Party Quirks List to use in Drama Class

Obstacles and Party Quirks
Popular improv game that has been featured on “Whose Line is it Anyway.” Includes complete instructions and a list of over 80 quirks!

Drama Lesson Plan-One-Liners

Sixty+ extremely short jokes to perform!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Open House Drama Activity

Open House
Hilarious original drama game in which students play realtors and home buyers!

Activity Pantomimes for Drama Class

Activity Pantomimes
30 easy pantomimes for younger students and 36 more difficult ones for older students.

Pantomimes for Pairs for Drama Class

Pantomimes for Pairs
4 pages. 22 pantomimes for pairs, 22 pantomimes for pairs of characters, 22 suggestions for pantomimes and five ways to use the printout!

Pantomimes with Obstacles for Drama Class

Pantomimes with Obstacles
Great pantomime activity for advanced students! 34 difficult pantomimes designed to be printed out and cut apart!

sensory pantomimes to act out

Sensory Pantomimes
28 pantomime suggestions designed to be printed out, cut apart and used with your group right away. Also included are discussion questions and four ways to play.

Winter Pantomimes for Drama Class

Winter Pantomimes
28 winter-themed pantomime suggestions to use with your group.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Phone Conversations Drama Activity

Phone Conversations
42 engaging situations for actors to improvise a one-sided phone conversation. Incredibly fun and perfect for coaching individual actors!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Poetry Director Game

Poetry Director Game
Great acting warm-up game that includes 20 character prompts!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Props and Objects

Props and Objects
Three pages of props ready to print out, cut apart and put in a hat, plus four activities to try with your group.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Proverbs

Original Drama Notebook activity that uses proverbs as prompts for dramatic exercises. 88 proverbs, and instructions for using them!

Restaurant Quirks Drama Activity for Schools

Restaurant Quirks
Fantastic drama activity for older or advanced groups that helps students learn how obstacles/characterization can dramatically change a scene.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Soap Opera

Sappy Soaps
For ages 10 and up. Students create their own soap operas!

‘Say What’ Drama Activity
This is a fun, printable drama activity also known as ‘Scenes from a Hat.’ It works best for older or advanced students.

Scene Starters for Drama Class

Scene Starters Advanced
Here are 28 complex situations with characters to use in improv, character work, or as prompts for students to write their own short plays or skits!

Scene Starters for Pairs for Drama Class

Scene Starters for Pairs
Here are 28 imaginative scene starters for younger students and 28 scene starters for older students! Print them out and start the activity immediately.

Slide Show
Great group tableau activity for all ages! Includes 22 scenarios for younger students and 40 scenarios for older students and more.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Stage Business Drama Activity

Stage Business
Help your actors become believable onstage by having them practice performing stage business authentically. Here are over 40 suggestions and four ways to practice using them.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Stage Business Treasure Hunt Game

Stage Business Treasure Hunt Game
Actors practice being authentic onstage by searching for hidden items. Included are complete instructions and 25 obstacles.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Stage Pictures

Stage Pictures
Excellent, concise tutorial and activities for teaching the concept of stage pictures. Includes 21 stage picture scenarios to give to small groups of students to practice.

Here is an original Drama Notebook activity that goes beyond bullying and gets to the heart of why people discriminate against one another. Works best for older or advanced groups.

Stereotypes Lesson-Plan for Schools

Stereotypes Lesson-Playing Tag
Drama game and lesson on stereotyping!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Talking Objects Drama Activity

Talking Objects
In this original Drama Notebook activity, students take on the characteristics of inanimate objects that argue with each other! Tremendously fun for all ages!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Therapist Drama Activity

Therapist Game
Use this hilarious original activity with your older or advanced students. Includes instructions for the game and 40 disorders that students may draw out of a hat.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Three Word Skits

Three Word Skits
Challenging game for all ages in which students must create skits that contain three random words. Includes instructions and THIRTY sets of three words.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Tour Guide

Tour Guide
Original Drama Notebook activity in which students play tour guides, leading the rest of the class through an imaginary tour of a famous location. Excellent drama integration activity. Includes four printable lists of things to tour.

Trapped in a Video Game

Trapped in a Video Game
Engaging drama lesson with a video-game theme!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Two Lines Drama Activity

Two Lines Game
Lesson that teaches how lines can change meaning in different situations. Included are sixteen sets of lines for pairs, with four different situations for each set of lines.

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-Wacky Interviews

Wacky Interviews
Ready-to-print and cut apart list of seven unusual questions that can help your group learn interesting things about one another!

Wizard Drama Activity-Scene Prompts

Wizard Scene Prompts
16 fun activities that prompt students to create their own wizard-themed scenes!

Drama Lesson Plan for Schools-World's Worst Auditions

World’s Worst Auditions
Hilarious original drama activity in which students take turns delivering terrible performances! Two scripts are included.

Would You Rather Drama Lesson Plan for Schools

Would You Rather For Teens
30 questions that are laid out on the pages so that you can print them out and cut them apart. Also includes instructions for four different ways to use the questions.