(Organized by size of cast with larger casts listed first.)

How to Put on Short Plays

Three-page guide to putting on short plays with young children.

Books for Children to Act Out

List of 75 children’s books to use in drama class. Includes extra information on each title!

How to Turn Stories into Plays

Complete guide to creating plays based on children’s books!

18 Siblings in the Old Woman's Shoe

18 characters. 6 pages in length. Approximately 6 minutes running time. A short nursery rhyme adaptation by playwright, Mariah Beachboard.

The Explorers and the Aliens

Two-page science-fiction themed script for young children. Parts for fifteen, with flexible casting.

The Dilemma of the Broken Feeder

12+ characters, flexible cast. 8 pages long. Approximately 5-10 minutes running time. A short play featuring animal characters.

The Slumber Party in the Woods

11 characters. As written, it is for an all-girl cast, but can be adapted to accommodate male cast members. 7 pages. Approximately 8 minutes running time.

The Banyan Tree and the Little Grass

5+ characters. 5 pages in length. Approximately 5 minutes running time. A folktale for young children written by Sashi Mendis.