Royalty-free Play Script for Schools-The Abduction of Don Vito

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2 characters. 2M. 3 pages. A crime drama for teens and adults written by Aaron Sampson.

The Abduction of Don Vito is a tense drama about a kidnapped mafia boss who is trapped in the trunk of a car. Don Vito manages to get to his cellular phone and call Agent Wells at the FBI for help. Don Vito fearfully explains that he was attacked, doused with gasoline and thrown into the trunk of his car by men he is certain are going to kill him. Having eluded the FBI in the past, he is now willing to give them any information they want in exchange for his and his family’s rescue. This gripping drama will keep audiences on the edge of their seats!

Aaron Sampson is the author of two copyrighted dramatic works, Opal and Hiding.  Born and raised on the South side of Chicago in the Englewood community, he attended Whitney Young High School and attended the University of Oklahoma for several years.  As an avid reader and theater lover, he has taken creative writing classes at various places over the years, and has even taken a class at the Midwest playwriting “Mecca”, the Chicago Dramatist.  He and his wife are the parents of two boys and two girls, and he has worked for the city of Chicago in the Department of Water management for over twenty years.

Excerpt from the play:



(Desperate, Pleading)
Hello, may I please speak to F.B.I. Agent Thomas Wells.

This is Agent Wells. To whom am I speaking?

(His breathing labored, he coughs occasionally throughout the scene)
This is Don Vito…

Don Vito, the infamous Don Vito, of the Marconi crime family?

(Growing impatient)
Yes, the same Don Vito whose home and office phones you Feds have been tapping for the last several months. The same guy you thought you were secretly investigating without me being aware of your activities; yes, that Don Vito!

Is this some kind of joke…some sort of impostor pulling a prank? How did you get my cell phone number?

I don’t have your number, I’ve been switched about to several different people in my effort to contact you…the last person I spoke to was a woman, I assume she was your personal assistant, she patched me through to this line.

(Just a bit skeptical)
If you are Don Vito, then why are you calling me? I’m the man who wants to put you behind bars most of all.

(Trying to regain composure but failing, his anger gives way to fear)
This is no joke! Look…I don’t have time for small talk, I need your help. I’ve been kidnapped. I’m calling you from the trunk of my car. Several goons came up behind me and my wife while we were in our garage at home unloading groceries from the car. You’ve seen my house. You know I have an attached garage. They came from inside my home; they were in our house waiting to ambush us. They punched me around until I nearly lost consciousness.  They tied me up, put a sack over my head and forced me into the trunk of my car. Please help me…please send police to my home to check on my wife and daughter. While they were beating me I could hear my wife screaming… they were hurting her! (Slight pause, his voice verging on tears)

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